SS: Successful Night (Monster Prompt)

I have decided on flash fiction writing prompts. Or maybe short story writing prompts. Hopefully none of them desire for something more than that. [#Octoprompt] [About Cat Hartliebe]

This is just one of the random challenges on Twitter. Prompts come in a few different styles. The short ones will probably also be posted on Twitter (it has to take less than ten tweets or it’s blog post only).

So it’s October 1st. My homepage is set to my werewolves series.
My body woke up with the sun.
The alarm got me fully awake and my bladder said get out of bed.
So I started the month early and functioning. (Which helps since i had a health scare last week.)

#Monster Writing Prompt:

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [Fantasy Short Stories]

If I complete all 31 prompts, there will be a book created from the collection. If I don’t make it over the 20 mark, it will be strictly blog until it finds another collection to work with.

Successful Night

The door bangs shut. Another successful evening.

The sun streams in the window. Guess I stayed out too long.

I close the blinds and head for the glass of goo that’s always ready for me. Helps to have a mate who supports whether successful or not.

“Scare anyone tonight?” That’s the sweetness I expect from my stay at home ally. Never have to worry about our home with them here.

“Entire slumber party. Don’t think they got a wink of sleep. Even stayed for the early morning shivers.”

“You really can’t be working late.” Still they offer a delicious cup and a perfect kiss. “We are supposed to wake up Timmy together.”

“Right, right. He’d be upset if his monsters weren’t around for the morning scream.” I roll out my shoulders. “Alright, let’s go.”

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Fantasy Short Stories] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [#Octoprompt]

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