Year of Poems 2020 Update

Or really this is the first actual blog post about the book. The only previous comments have been it’ll exist.

I have all the poems set up for the rest of the year. It will bring me to 135 poems posted by me, written by me. Cyro has 14 if I counted it properly this time. (I keep getting different numbers… About 14.)

99 of those poems have yet to be published anywhere. The other 36 have been published in one of my other poem books. I may drop them from the list depending on random factor.

This is going to be much harder to put together. Over a hundred poems will make it my longest poem book to date. Here I thought Year of Poems 2019 was long. It wasn’t short, but it only hit 90 poems ~ give or take.

I don’t have a cover planned. I don’t have a plan for formatting yet. This is going to be an undertaking.

Poem books aren’t the easiest thing. A poem book that may reach 150 poems? Yeah, this will take time and effort. I’ll start organizing, but nothing will be final until the year is over. Year of Poems 2020 cannot be published until 2020 ends.

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