SS: Fake Grave (#octoprompt Coffin)

A bit longer today. Too long for a tweet post. :/ Oh well. Since I did vampire yesterday and wanted to do something else, I picked grave robbers. Coffin leads to a lot of options.

And this falls into fiction not fantasy. #octoprompt day four: Coffin.

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Fake Grave

“He said it would be here.” The tall shadowed male says to his partner.

Given the partner is in a foot of dirt, not much could be said about them.

“Then you dig.” They shuffle out of the hole and shove the shovel into his hands. “I’m tired.”

“But you’re so good at it.” He hesitates a moment before climbing into the hole. It really doesn’t take long before the shovel hits something besides dirt. “Found it!”

“Sh! The coffin?”

“Assume so.” He shovels dirt away until a wooden casket is noticeable. Then they’re both on their hands and knees getting rid of the dirt like dogs seeking bounty.

Whatever was the deemed treasure has they acting the fools in the middle of the night. Grave in the middle of the woods with just the sign RIP above it. It was poorly fashioned. Nondescript really.

“Help me get it out.” The partner says shifting about to leverage the coffin on its side. It’s too heavy to move much more than that. Still it’s enough where the thing can be opened.

“You do it.” He steps back. A corpse falling on him?

Don’t dig up graves. Even if you won’t get caught.

But the money! There’s said to be jewelry on this man that looked as real as the stuff in the shop. And no one would be the wiser. Take the stuff, shove the corpse back in place and cover with dirt.

One night and bam, riches untold.

“Got it!” His partner tosses the crude lock aside and holds the door. “Ready?” Grinning over the idea of fortune has both of them staring down the coffin.

As the door opens, a person sits up holding out hands for something while making some weird moaning sound.

Neither of the two watch the performance before getting out of the pit with the dead body.



“It’s not a dead body.” His partner comments looking down at the Halloween decoration. “We were tricked.”

He frowns thinking of all the work put into this. “What now?”

“Leave it. The longer we’re here, the more trouble we’ll get into.” His partner walks off without looking back.

He sighs looking at the decoration that was trapped below ground. A fake vampire in a fake coffin. “It could probably get us fifty dollars on Ebay.”

“I’m not carrying it.” His partner calls. “You’re on your own.”

He huffs picking up the shovel. “Fine. Have it your way. An hour of back breaking work for nothing then.”

“Next time, I’m deciding if the person told us the truth. You believe anyone.” The two walk into the forest.

The pile of dirt surrounds a hole where a decoration of an undead sits. No one sees it until morning. It terrifies three passerbys before the owner of the property cleans it up. Even when he accidentally says something about the hidden alcove for gems no one seems to find it. The owner would feel wrong using a real corpse after all.

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