SS: Justin (#octoprompt Cider)

Ended up doing both a poem and a short story. Several ideas swished around my head until I just settled on this one. The idea may qualify as the best for the month, but it needs edits. Oh well.

Short story first.

[#Octoprompt] [About Cat Hartliebe]


The line isn’t that long. It’s only been a few minutes since I joined. You can do this.

The person ahead of me orders and jokes a little with the barista. Nothing like a little joke to lighten the mood.

I look to the menu. Caramel Apple Spice. I can do this. Hot grande caramel apple spice. Just say it. No issues. No questions.

And my name.

It’s easy. Everyone does it.

“Welcome to Starbucks.” The barista offers me a smile. “What would you like today?”

No Ma’am. I got this. I can do this. “I would like a hot grande caramel apple spice, please.”

“Sounds perfect.” The barista pulls out a cup and starts writing. “And your name for the cup?”

I gulp down the nerves. This is it. Will I revert? Will I give in? No. This means nothing. Just say it. Tell them. It’s easy. “Justin.”


I nod looking at the counter. I fiddle with card wanting to finish this. I can’t believe I actually… I said it.

“Would you like something else, Justin? Perhaps something to eat?”

My heart pounds hearing the name. They mean me. I’m Justin.

I’m Justin…

“No, just the cider.”

“Of course. Card reader is just over here.” It takes only a few minutes and I’m sent to the end of the counter. To wait.

For them to call me.

For them to call my name.

I said it. They even double checked the spelling. I…

“Justin?” The one making the orders holds up my cup. “Caramel Apple Spice?”

I nod just letting the name settle against me.

“Hope you have a great day, Justin.” They offer me a grin before heading back to the other drinks.

They may not realize it, but it literally can’t get better. My name. They said my name.

I stare at the cup. “I may just keep this forever.” A little sip.

To most it would be just apple cider with caramel.

To me it begins the moment of living my real life.

Who the hell is Megan?

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