Goals update for nov 2019 to nov 2020

Let’s see how good I did…

I kinda started ignoring it, but that doesn’t change anything.

A reminder of the goals:

Specific goals nov 1st 2019 to nov 1st 2020.

  1. Complete Nano 2019.
  2. Publish Dragon Rider 6th Grade.
  3. Publish Dragon Rider 7th Grade.
  4. Publish The Secret of Luna.
  5. Ready Alpha Protector, Alpha’s Diner, and Alpha Successor for publishment.
  6. Publish at least 6 stories.
  7. Find a doctor who listens.
  8. Weigh the different fields you’re interested in and run at one.
  9. Tell someone every day you love them.
  10. Show gratitude to someone every day.
  11. Make Cyro more aware of their emotions/ their viewpoint/ their interests/ etc.
  12. Read at least 50 stories.
  13. Read at least 12 new stories.
  14. Have weekly blog posts.
  15. Write ten poems every month.
  16. Get more skilled in Korean than in German.
  17. Write out the complete list of allergens.
  18. Have a working print copy of your cookbook with at least 50 recipes.
  19. Pull out quotes from every story you have published or will publish.
  20. Write ten new stories.
  21. Weekly promotion facebook and twitter posts.
  22. Monthly book reviews

Nano 2019 was finished easily enough. I’m worried going into this year, but that was easy.

I published both Dragon Rider 6th and 7th Grades. I’ll be looking to get 8th, 9th, and 10th published ASAP. But it’s going slow.

I have put Modern Werewolves to the side. And doing so got me another story between The Secret of Luna and Alpha Protector. Go me? It will take longer to have Jason meeting people. *shrug*

I have published quite a few stories. This was part of the reason I did the short stories.

Doctor… Ha! Don’t be poor and sick in the USA. They won’t let you die, but they will not let you live either.

I would love to run at something. I have had a lot of bad days. I had a long term covid issue. That has increased my lung issues. I’m scarred again… probably.
If I was given the chance to model. I would. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of money. (And for friends I’d probably do it for free.)

I tell Cyro that I love them often. And this year had us aware of their genderfluid-ness. Considering I’ve used child not son or boy makes it clear I’ve known for longer than them. But you can’t pick someone else’s gender. I couldn’t say exactly what Cyro wants to consider themself.
I am also always thanking everyone. It’s constant. It’s habit.

I lost track of how many I read. I probably succeeded? Including 12 new. But I am not certain, so I’ll leave them unmarked.

This blog is active. Perhaps too active. Especially lately. I need to stop writing things here.

I’m averaged ten poems a month. I don’t know exactly what the end result was, but it’s high. Poems are easy.

I am not stronger with Korean than German. I’m getting better. But I’m not there.

My allergen list is decent. I won’t say all, but it’s about there.
The cookbook hasn’t happened. Pandemic kicked that off the list at some point.

I am still missing quotes. It’s annoying. But I did pull more of them. Just not all. And in this case all is a finite number. I should manage that.

I wrote stories. Mostly flash fiction and shorts. But it’s wasn’t just shorts. I don’t want to exclude them, though. Shorts aren’t necessarily easier.

I’m promoting more than I was before. Weekly sounds about right. I even have a homepage of the blog set up as promotion. Woot!

Book reviews went off the radar. I’ve written a few now, but… *shifty eyes*

So looking this over… I… Succeeded? Maybe? For a pandemic I’ll take it. When things went spiraling into the void, I dropped the goals list like a hot potato. Especially since I was hit back in March.

I don’t know if I’ll even make a goals list for the coming year. I should do something. A little push and organization isn’t a bad thing.

There’s no way I’m aiming this high though. Nope.

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