SS: Cottage in the Woods (late) (#octoprompt harvest)

Like super late. Ugh. I failed to write yesterday.


Cottage in the Woods

“Did you harvest enough flaxseed?” I wouldn’t call her my mentor, but I am learning a lot.

I came to this small cottage in the woods five months ago. Not to learn witchcraft- although I have been- but to hide from the men who wanted to claim me.

“I think so.”

“Let me see.” She peers over my collection. She pushes a few lower quality ones to the side before nodding gently. “You have learned a lot, Child.”

“Am I ready?”

The witch stares at me a long moment. “I said I could offer you the poison the moment you entered the cottage, but the deaths would be on your hands for life. Tell me; are you ready?”

I stare at the collection. “I think so.” My hands tighten as I think of those horrible people who drove me out here. “Teach me.”

“Not give you but teach me. You still aren’t ready. But I can teach. I have nothing against teaching.”

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