SS: Old Enough (#octoprompt blood)

I decided to go in a very different route. It didn’t matter often I gave up with vampires or gore. I didn’t want that for blood.

Here’s a twist:

Old Enough

I finally am old enough. This is important to me. I stand on line. The line could be longer. Probably should be considering.

I exhale. This is fine. I’m good. I got this. I’ll manage without any questions.

Not like it’s hard right?

“Please fill out this form. Is this your first time?”

I nod nervously.

“I’ll need a form of ID that has your picture.” Then they walk off leaving me with a clipboard and pen.

It’s simple stuff. Just a basic input form. Because I’m an adult. I get to fill them out now.

I pull out my ID and hold it carefully in my hands. Form filled out. ID ready. So many people.

There should be more. The line should’ve been longer.

Not everyone is as excited as me to do this. I know that. Everyone made fun of me because I said I wanted to do this for my birthday.

“Thank you. I’ll get this right back to you.” A photocopy. They all photocopy. “Here you go. Just sit over there in the chair. Someone will be right with you.”

I drop into the chair they claim is mine. It doesn’t take long for someone to come by. They offer me a smile. “It’ll only be a pinch. First time?”

“Giving.” I smile back trying to calm my nerves. “I had a few issues as a child.”

“Thank you for this. There are many victims who could use your blood.” They have no trouble taking it from me. My blood.

The blood I wouldn’t have if something didn’t do this a decade ago.

This is my only way to repay them. And I’ll repay them every year if I can.

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