SS: The Map (#octoprompt shiver)

It did not come out as good as I thought it would.

It also has nothing to do with a story I’m working on. Perhaps that’s why. The two characters aren’t clear yet.

oh well. [#Octoprompt]

The Map

Holding the flashlight and map is difficult. But I’m the only one who can. I hold the light in my mouth while unrolling the map. Based on our surrounding, we’re…

A shiver runs up my spine. It hits every part of me causing the flashlight to drop out of my mouth as I gasp.

I gripped the map tighter at least. Positives. Hope the wrinkles come out. “Justice!”

“Sorry.” Justice hovers further away, their head not facing me. All I see is grey blob. “I wanted to see too.”

I sigh. Partnering with a ghost was my last expectation. But that’s what happens when you live between worlds. “Say something. I’m living enough to feel your effects remember.” With the flashlight and a few heavy coins, I roll the map on the ground. It’ll get dirty but now we both can see easily. No point trying to come out of this adventure clean.

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