Leagende Savannah Elves

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I’m on Twitter often. And the random comment about Black elves came up.

I don’t mean black-black. I mean the Black you find with humans. Nice dark browns. Medium to dark browns. Lots of brown shades. Not green or blue or white or red.

And it reminded me of my Elves in Savannah.

Savannah Elves normally have darker browns for eyes even if the royals shade into gold. Their skin colors are browns, tans, and almost yellow in some cases. Savannah is more meadow than savannah, but most wouldn’t really know the difference enough to say otherwise. Savannah has the best farmland, the most neutral climate, and warmest temperatures. Because of those positives, they drew the interest of demons.


The common white skin of humans doesn’t exist in Savannah. -At all-. I was thinking about it and maybe they could pull off Rose elves which cover the pinks and reds. Maybe not…

That means Savannah Elves look closer to African and South East Asian. That’s their coloring. All of them.

The only “whites” are the humans and considering I mention how these humans look similar to Savannah Elves… There may be no “white” characters in my entire world.

Okay… I don’t think I meant to do that, but it just so happens to be the case.

Then again, there’s plenty of white characters out in the literacy world. And whites equal themselves to green and blue and red all the time. So it’s fine. They can see themselves in the colorful elves.

Leagende Reevaluated will key in on Savannah. Because of the demon invasion. They’re trying to kick out the demons and let the elves flourish.

Don’t worry. They’ll succeed. Still haven’t decided who of the important characters will die though. That’s only one of a few things standing in my way of finishing the series.

TL;DR No white characters in Leagende Series. Oops?

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Leagende]

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