SS: Adam’s Failure (#octoprompt witch) (Witches and Demons)

With a word like witch, I figured I’ll create a nonsense short within Tsuba Ren’s world.

And I did.

I could probably do better. But it’s what I offer with a few minutes to write.

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Adam’s Failure

“Boy, you better know what is going on.” Virginia Llyod stares down the young blond kneeling before her cottage. “Tell me now.” My harsh voice would not shock anyone.

The shivers in the boy before me says he is aware of who I am and what I can do. Because even though we are both witches, I am the Head of the family. He is just a child still figuring out how to cast. “I’m sorry Grandmother.”

“That is not my request. Answer or be punished.”

He shivers. “I would never do anything stupid like let a victim go.”

“Sounds like you are requesting punishment, Adam.”

He sinks closer to the ground. His head touches the dirt before him. “Grandmother.. I.” He shakes his head. “Apologies. I went with Hanna and Yule to defeat Task Two. It was supposed to be a simple death. Just to murder him and move on. Distance shot. Supposedly he had no magical defense. But that was not true. Yule would have managed well enough, except…” Adam sinks lower. “We got in his way. We let the enemy escape. They are aware we are chasing them. Was aware beforehand. And there is something more we were not knowledgeable of.”


“Sorry, Grandmother.”

Virginia Llyod looks at the cowering child. It takes three strikes at that age to earn punishment. He is walking a fine line, but hasn’t earned it. Yet. “I’ll call my daughter and grandchild in. You will follow their words exactly. You will see how a real witch handles things.”

“Thank you, Grandmother.”

Virginia spins on her heel and heads back into her cottage. Task Two is more troublesome than expected. But there is no spell that can hide a living thing from Laurel. And her mother is capable of doing all the same magic as Virginia. “I’ll ask for double payment. That will be my side of the duties.” She pulls the phone off it’s reciever in the kitchen. This will take little time once they go on task. Maybe Adam will learn something.

[#Octoprompt] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [Witches and Demons Series]

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