SS: How to Create a Jack-o-Lantern

I won’t even mark this #octoprompt even though it’s supposed to be.

Because I failed to get Hollow in! This came from the word hollow. It should be obvious why. But I didn’t use the word.

What’s up with me?

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How to create a jack-o-latern:

Step 1: Find the best pumpkin in the patch. This is a very subjective concept. Generally a smooth well rounded pumpkin suits.

Step 2: Collect the proper knives for cutting the pumpkin open.
Note: The pumpkin should only be cut open by someone experienced with using knives.

Step 3: Cut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin. Once you can pull the stem hat off, do so.

Step 4: Remove all the innards of the pumpkin.
Note: This will be messy.
Double Note: Putting the seeds aside for roasting is highly suggested. Yum!

Step 5: Draw the image that should be cut on the pumpkin. You can sketch on a sheet of paper first.

Step 6: Using knives, cut the design out of the pumpkin.
Note: Experienced knife user only.

Step 7: Make sure the inside of the pumpkin is smooth enough to place a plate with tea light on it. The small candle should not be able to reach anything that is flammable. Or use a battery operated fake tea light.

Step 8: Place pumpkin in window or on steps before the front door.
Note: Do not put pumpkin outside during bad weather.
Double Note: Squirrels will eat your pumpkin if you leave it outside.

Step 9: Put the tea light inside the jack-o-lantern.

Step 10: Clean up. Clean up the mess you made creating the incredible design that everyone will be in awe of for the next few days.

Step 11: Keep an eye on the health of your jack-o-lantern. It is going through its process of dying. Once it gets “mushy” you got to toss it. Compost heaps would adore your jack-o-lantern.

[#Octoprompt] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

4 thoughts on “SS: How to Create a Jack-o-Lantern”

    1. experience. accepting getting dirty.

      and put down a lot of newspaper where you’re working. It’s easier to clean up afterwards.

      and of course have fun. This is meant to be a fun project where everyone gets messy.

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