Goals for 2021

It’s been pretty common of me to write up a goals blog post.
[About Cat Hartliebe]

This time I’ll solely focus on my career as an author. It’s not that I’m ignoring the rest of my existence. This goal sheet is for Cat Hartliebe not Catherine Gillette. They are separate and the same.

As much as I would love to add things like ‘Sell so many books’ or ‘Make so much profit’ or ‘Get so many reviews’…. Those don’t depend on me. I can say promote such and such book so many times in such and such place. Or have quotes go up for each book randomly on the various media sites I use.

The goals must be things I can do or obtain. I can’t create sales. I can tell so many people. I can’t get reviews. I can mention it so many times. I can’t claim a profit, but I can promote more.

Make sense?

I hope so. I’m trying to not look at my sale numbers as if my standing as an author and writer. Those don’t connect. I was never good at sales. I need to improve my boasting skills.

Let’s do this:

Goals going into 2021

(November 2020->December 2021 maybe.)

  1. Have promotion posts set up monthly. Have at least four posts directly promoting a story of mine through talking about the characters, art, themes, plots, interests, importance, etc. Things that draw attention.
  2. In that same note: When a book is ready to be published, set it up for a month promotion time frame. Preorder on Smashwords at minimum. Everything should be done-done before the date is set.
  3. Post about the various open plots I have that I will not get to. That’s pretty much all of them minus First Meeting ones. I need to expand on Witches and Demons Series open plots. I’ve made suggestions, but I have more. There are more than just that series though.
  4. Post all my open characters, settings, games, plots, worlds, etc that aren’t connected to something or their story hasn’t begun. I’m not getting to them any time soon.
  5. Post ALL Modern Werewolves short stories that are written. Write and post Beta Moore’s coming to America story. That may take a while.
  6. Post about Digifix, Organization, American White (Dragon Blooded), Werecat shorts, The Bet, Skill Less, and others who are on Works in Progress (WIP). If I’m not gonna have actually chatter on the series/story, it shouldn’t be on the page.
  7. Finish out Octoprompts and find a few other options for other times of the year. Flash Fiction/poetry prompts are fun.
  8. Rewrite Teen Test Train’s opening and start posting them as Friday Shorts. I’m thinking to set up chapters every three thousand or so words.
  9. Poke Cyro with a stick until they get back into writing Today On We Can Find That Pokemon series. It would be adorable if you guys watched their writing skill improvement. They’ve come so far already. There is more to come, though. They’re not at my level yet. (And I still improve, although its not as noticeable.)
  10. Publish at least three books. Currently Year of Poems 2020, Dragon Rider 8th Grade, and Werecat: Shifting Values are top of the list.

I also need to pick a story and publish it for Dominik. I wrote WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper for him. Well… It was kinda for him. The main character has his name and a few matching traits. (Clearly, the real life Dominik is not a dragon blooded elf.)

I don’t think I’d be this far along or this capable or this focused if not for him. Not sure which of the shorts I’ll pick for him and publish for him. But keep an eye out. This one won’t get the one month treatment because it’ll be free or 99 cents. It’s being published specifically for Dominik.

That’s about all my goals as they stand are. The website is updated. I think. I’ll be double checking everything shortly. Even Archives and Poetry Archive are done (I think). Keeping the website up to proper standing is a good thing.

I also need to set up poem posts next year. I need at least monthly poem posts. (All Mondays again, right?)

And I will add some more Writer’s Stuff next year, but I haven’t gotten anything written yet. The rest of the year is covered. I have a few ideas I haven’t gotten to yet. Soon. Hopefully that is also set up to be at least monthly for the coming year. Prove my experience as a writer and all that.

Current Stories heading to Publishment:

  • Year of Poems 2020
  • Dragon Rider 8th Grade
  • The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories
  • Skill Less and Other Fantasy Short Stories
  • Werecat: Shifting Values
  • Octoprompt/NJWP collection of shorts
  • Dragon Rider 9th Grade
  • The Secret of Luna
  • American White
  • Poem a Day May 2021

I think that’s all the big ones. Although I can add Dove, Unwise, any of the Reworked group, First Meeting 2 (which will come together quickly once I try), etc. I’m probably aiming too high.

Scratch that… *looks at post* I am aiming too high. What should I take off this list?

But I don’t wanna!

I’ll see what I get to. I hope to really hit my marketing points. Those are the ones I really need to hit. (And add a few more.)

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I forgot Reviews and Allergen Friendly Cookbook. If that happens, it happens. I’ll be working on recipes, but I may not be posting or aiming for the cookbook completion. I’ll read. Reviews happen on amazon if the book has less than twenty five, but they may not be posted here or elsewhere. *shrug*

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