SS: Golden Wolf (#octoprompt golden) (Modern Werewolves)

This event happens in The Secret of Preshift. Kitty isn’t allowed to know about it, though.
[Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe] [#Octoprompt]

The golden wolf is Luna Kostet of Kostet Pack. Golden wolves are rare. She’s several levels of special. And even more so to her daughter. Kitty looks up to the ability, strength, and presence her mother has.

Her mother is the reason Kitty walks into Green Ridge skilled.

Golden Wolf  

We’re losing!

Why did they attack? They’re pack wolves. It looks like a planned attack. For what cause? Why?

I quiver while ducking between trees. The only reason it hasn’t been a massacre is because we know these wolves. Still… Four of the six of us are injured. And one will die if they don’t receive medical support soon.

I’m gonna die. I hate that I feel confident with that statement. Never in my forty years running edge has left me feeling that way. Wolf always knew how to handle the situation. How we could use our six members to better things. Yet. Right now… Our beta was not expecting this. They stayed back at pack house while we ran. It’s important we prove ourselves. Normally we do. I’ve done this before. I’ve killed before. I can be lead.

Not against titles.

We’re gonna die! I walked us into an ambush. It’s all my fault.

A flash of gold has me stop. My heart calms as my battle forged wolf surges back to the forefront. I switch my position to face and find targets.

She’s here.

The golden wolf is here.


She’ll manage things.

And she would have other titles with her. This is a title fight.

^Return to pack if you can.^ She’s there telling me I can flee. This is not my battle.

I spin on my heel and just take off.

I pass by three other titles following the golden wolf into battle. Fresh, ready, and capable. I pass along everything I know about the fight before running at full speed back to pack house. Pack house is safe.

My alphas make pack safe.

Why were we attacked?

The Secret of Preshift by Cat Hartliebe cover

Find out more about this event in The Secret of Preshift.

[Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe] [#Octoprompt]

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