Poem: SS: A Single Seed (#RueLouPrompts)

So this is a flash fiction prompt challenge. The prompt is “A single seed”.

You can join me during these prompt challenges. It’s fun to see what you come up with.

The last two were… harder for me. This just appeared. The poem threw itself down immediately. And then the flash fiction was just there.

So this time after being unable to manage the previous one or struggling with SS: Dead or Alive flash fiction, it just happened.

It’s exciting. I’ll probably split this into two separate posts after the challenge is completely over. But until mid way through November, I’ll leave the two here.

#Poem: A Single Seed

It all started with the single seed.
A little idea that I took along with me.
Something so small,
and look how it grew.
Now I am the proud owner
of a business everyone knows.

#FlashFiction: For Every Child: A Seed

Every time a child is born, a new seed is planted. A single seed for every single child. It was done to show growth and community. To offer fruit for our labors. To give us more than just a body to feed.

Little children grow up alongside their special tree. A tree that offers the community something special. Fruit or nuts or berries depending on type and season.

My little fruit tree still exists there. A flowering apple tree that gives the youth something to climb on and munch during breaks.

My favorite is a special type of tree. They are planted for the special births- for the ones who do not live long enough to see its seed planted. We plant in their name- their honor- an olive. To say time is not limited to this life and peace is not limited to just here.

I left when they planted an olive after I gave birth. I could not watch the tree grow, but I hope the others within the community love it as much as I’ve loved the ones from previous generations.

And I hope as medicine improves, less olive trees are planted in honor of a child. May we make groves that have no name attached. One day. Hopefully.

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