Vampire Killer Cover

Okay. One promotion post. It is not set to preorder, though. It will appear shortly.

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As I mentioned in Goals for 2021, I want to take one of my short stories and drop it for free/cheap. Why? Because I need to dedicate a story to Dominik.

None of you really know him. But he’s been helping me survive. I probably would’ve starved by now if not for him. I’m not even joking.

So this is the least of the least I can do. Dedicating a story for him is minimums.

But which one?

The Allergen Friendly Cookbook will be partially dedicated to him when it comes out. He’s offered ideas and helped by trying recipes that I created. But it’s not ready yet.

Thus, a search happened.

Vampire Killer was a short story that I posted on the blog back in 2016. It was a little weak, but not horrible. (It’s gone, FYI. Deleted already.)

So updates were in order.

And a cover was needed.

Free ebooks don’t get anything too fancy. I hate putting people on the cover unless the person is well defined in the story.

So genre: urban fantasy. Modern times vampire killing human male. No romance. No real gore or battle. Some, but nothing too crazy. I fade to black for the battle. (Yeah, you can do that.)

Hmm…. There’s stakes, fire, knives, blood, vampire, ….

How about?

That is looking pretty much on point with genre and story. It’s not gore ridden enough to go with spookier font. Title is good enough. (Probably could find better, but whatever it’s a free ebook.)

This cover took me about half an hour.

After an hour or two, I reviewed it and said… Hmmm… It’s not quite there yet. Something’s off. That wood backing is too prominent for not even existing in the work.

I couldn’t separate the sword from the wood. It’s a created image. There’s reasons you can’t separate them easily.

Okay. That wouldn’t work. How about mess with shadows? I got:

Created with GIMP

Much better. The words are easier to see, read, and take more presence. The knife/sword is more important than the background.

A winner!

For the free ebook. This was started this morning about 7am. It is now 9am.

And this is after I spent an hour editing the draft. I was up early and was productive.

Now for a nap.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Fantasy Short Stories] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

Vampire Killer: [Smashwords] [US Amazon]
Will be up in various other places shortly.

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