WIP: Organization

I have mentioned this work in progress several times. It was even found on Wattpad for a few years.

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Currently I have reached mission 10 plus a precursor story in Coming Soon and a side short story from Arondi’s perspective.

Bad cover

Each mission is about 70k words. More than 50k; less than 100k. All of them will be pushed to be about 100k words.

They are in first draft. Each mission follows a “mission” made by the organization. The main character is Arianna Staton.

She believes she’s an orphan for much of the story, but it comes to surface early on, her mother may have died with her birth, her father just left her alone.

It’s not a normal father abandonment. He is burned at the stake before leaving Arianna in a “safe haven”. Was it the best option? Who knows.

Arondi Laley is considered an ally/enemy. Both. For the entire series. No one completely trust him on a personal level, but understand he is working toward his version of greater good.

The main secondary characters are Jeremy Wills, Lucas Wills, Rebecca Horsten, and Drevon Nrutha. Several more move in and out of main secondary based on the book.

There is a “love triangle” between Jeremy, Lucas, and Arianna. Arianna gives Lucas a chance, but ends up with the original expectation in Jeremy.

Rebecca could also be included in the love triangle, but she has no chance for Arianna. She happily accepts best friend role.

Maybe this is too much information.

Or maybe it’s not enough.

Coming Soon takes place during the event that caused magic to exist in our world. Nature went absolutely bonkers. It gave power to random people, particularly children. Avery is in Arkansas and gains the power through song and music. He is denied music growing up because singing sets off his magic. It is half back story, half history, half adventure on its own. Coming Soon has a lot to go before it’s “complete”.

Organization has at least another year in story world before the story will settle. More likely a year and a half. There is at least five books left to write. Probably closer to twelve before hitting the end.

Are they standalones? Probably closer to a real series. Best read in order, although there is nothing wrong with reading out of order. Each story has it’s own plot and expectations.

I love this series. So much work needs to happen on it. But I can’t go through the second drafting until the first draft is done.

I may rewrite the opening of mission one before she gets to the organization, but that’s it. Until it’s finished and I write The End.

It’ll be nice writing out a cute little epilogue for it.

Or creating a continuing tale a decade or more later. That’s already being half set up where I am. But I won’t need to worry about finishing the second collection before publishing the first.

I would really hope one day I can finish and publish this mess. That’s a trial and a half. This is a comfort story. And if it’s a comfort story for me, it would be for others.

If you are interested, leave a comment. I can offer an alpha read of the series if you’re interested. A just for fun alpha read. And someone I can chatter with about the story as a whole. The more I chatter about a story, the more I write in the story/series.

Chatter is good.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

So much will change between current draft and second. Creating characters before having an idea who they are leads to trouble. You can’t shrug off backstory when working on how they’ll respond to the world.

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