Free Ebooks!

I have a collection of free short stories. Some people would notice: if anyone would consider it flash fiction, it’s in my free category.
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Generally speaking my free ebooks will eventually be unpublished. That will happen when they join a larger short story collection. I would publish the collection as both ebook and paperback forcing me unpublish the individual shorts.

I did not do that to Troubled Royals, although I am open to doing if anyone suggests to. (I probably should.)

Current Free Ebooks: (Links will be to Smashwords. Amazon refuses to be free.)

Crown Princess
Dark Silence
Happy Puppy
The Spoon
Vampire Killer

[Beautiful] [Crown Princess] [Dark Silence] [Fireworks] [Happy Puppy] [The Spoon] [Vampire Killer]

Barnes and Noble, Kobo and a variety of other sites are free, too, if you preference them as stores. Amazon is set to 99 cents, which is the lowest it will go. (Which means you can pay for these shorts if you really want to.)

Beautiful:: [Barnes and Noble] [Kobo] [US Amazon]

Crown Princess:: [Barnes and Noble] [Kobo] [US Amazon]

Dark Silence:: [Barnes and Noble] [Kobo] [US Amazon]

Fireworks:: [Barnes and Noble] [Kobo] [US Amazon]

Happy Puppy:: [Barnes and Noble] [Kobo] [US Amazon]

The Spoon:: [Barnes and Noble] [Kobo] [US Amazon]

Vampire Killer:: [US Amazon] New Upload, will be findable elsewhere shortly.

I hope you enjoy these free ebooks.

[Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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