SS: Never Call a Spirit (#Octoprompt seance)

So this just appeared out of no where.

And it ends up being a nice opening to another story and over a thousand words.

Seance isn’t my normal direction with stories. So I had to create new.

Nothing is really known about these characters. I didn’t even use names. Minus the one called, but you know how that is.

I’m not sure what to think about it honestly. But whatever. You now have a brand new chaos story about a spirit drawer. Hope you enjoy.

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Never Call a Spirit

“Again, before we begin, I warn you: Messing with the spirits is normally the worst idea in existence. This should be the last ditch effort of all last ditch efforts.” I look about the room.

They’re paying me to be here and do this. I hate drawing out spirits. I’d rather clear rooms. Wave a little sage around and warn the spirits to clear out. Much safer.

A seance? Yeah. I can do it. I can promise to gather a spirit. It’s normally not the right one. And it normally leads to someone in a psych ward or a morgue. And I can never say which is more likely until I meet the spirit who shows.

Everyone who legit can do seances knows you NEVER do a seance. What the fuck is wrong with people?

“But you can get a spirit to talk to us?” This big hulking monster is just a casual high school football player who’s too big for his britches. And honestly his loony friends are the same.

And if it was just a bunch of teenagers, I could call it off for age related concerns.

Nope. Behind the three idiot teenagers are three idiot parents. Cool. Just sign off the life of one of your children. Spirits love to attach to kids.

“Alright. Last chance for me to refund all payments and just walk away as if we never had this conversation.” I say that while draping the table before us in fabric.”

“No. We want this.” The hulk sits down. His father sits beside him with a calming smile. The other two are of the cheerleading variety. It’s like I walked into a teenage drama. This one will be a horror film.

Let’s see who the villain will be.

“I guess this last minute decision of stopping everything is…” I look about the table. They’re calm. Like ready and open and accepting. A few nervous giggles from one of the teens isn’t anything like the calming nature of those three parents. It’s creepy. Whatever. I’m being paid. The spirit won’t attach to me. They never do. I drain spirits of their energy and force them to leave the plane. It’s what I do. “Alright. Good luck with whatever I call.” I shrug and begin my seance.

They follow my prompting before I even say the words. As if they knew what to do. As if I am the new member here not them. As if this isn’t their first rodeo.

Minus that giggling cheerleader and the outgoing football player. The third teenager looks as calm as the parents. WTF?

Let it go. Nothing matters. This is a big pay out and I give all the warning. They signed releases. I am not at fault no matter what happens. All ‘i’s are dotted. All ‘t’s are crossed. Everything is in order and I…

I call the spirit here.

Relax. Let your energy flow. Seek out a nearby spirit that’s on the weaker side. That leads to insanity that’s manageable versus straight out death or a need for death.

I don’t get it.

It is as if this massive destructive beast of a spirit has been hovering them waiting for it.

Oh shit. “Prayer if you got it. It will inhabit one. It can inhabit all of you.” I call out knowing the dangers of who I called. Why the fuck didn’t they pull back? I open my eyes and spot the nasty thing standing on the table. The normal seeping grey matter isn’t there. Or it’s not just there. It’s a well defined black being I like to call a devil. The things are nasty.

“I said I wasn’t coming out.” The devil tells the calm cheerleader. “How’d you even force me?”

“I contracted you. You weren’t gone from me just on another plane.” The cheerleader crosses her arms staring down the devil. “Shift to human. We have drama and you’re not skipping.”

“I’m not…”

The cheerleader flashes her bracelet. It flashes. Soon standing on the table isn’t a devil, but a teenage human male. Looks so similar to the football player that’s it’s weird. What is going on? “Let’s go. We’re going on a date and then studying.”

“I fucking hate you.” The devil whispers out sounding so similar to the teenagers as well. They got a dialect match even. The teens walk out of the room leaving me with the parents. Once the devil turned into a human the two nervous kids switched to happy go lucky. They know the devil in disguise.

I sit there dumbfounded. I’m not even closing my circle? I don’t have to. I mean I set it to only draw one… But I’m not sending him back?

“Thanks. We may be contact again. Guy doesn’t like taking tests.” The parent of the calm teen says passing over the rest of the cash required. “I never had my contracted devil going to school, but I also didn’t contract until after I finished. Safer.” They shrug it off and pass over a card. “If you ever need any spirit or devil eliminating services, I’ll gladly offer you a discount.”

“Or you could join the group.” Another comments. “Guy isn’t the only troublesome devil. It would be nice to get a true spirit drawer in.”

The first shakes their head. “Bad move. Spirit drawers injure everything from the spirit rhelm just by existing.”

“Alright, alright. Discount and connections.” The parent gets up. “Let us know if this creates problems. It’s still ours.”

I can only watch as the three parents walk off looking perfectly calm and capable.

I pinch myself. Did I just dream this? I look down at the pile of cash and card. Discount. Because they can handle the problems I can’t. “I’m not the only one who works with the spirit rhelm?”

I clear up the seance and double check to make sure nothing’s untied. With the seance over, I can go back to my normal actions.

Who were those people? I look at the card again. Just says Lucky with a phone number. I shove it in my pocket. Cash needs to be deposited. I’ll ignore it for now. Nothing else I can do. My job is to clear spirits and rarely do a seance. I’ll let them know next time someone agrees to one. Foolishly. Never call a spirit unless you can manage it. Even I’m not stupid enough to do that.

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