SS: Wolf Collection (#octopromt howl) (Modern Werewolves)

Howl had me think of Love or Die first. I was even tempted to pull out the scene where the Howell pack is howling, but thought that was overdoing it, so I wrote a new flash fiction.

Wolf Collection is a short prior to The Secret of Pack 413. You meet Monique and her wolf collection and its importance in her life. Super short. The collection comes out of hiding during her novel.

[Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe] [#Octoprompt]

Wolf Collection

Staring at my father’s collection, I just smile. The one figurine is as if a howling wolf. Made to always be in action. It has me missing him. Not that I can tell anyone. He left never to return. And it’s better that way… Right?

“Monique! Shouldn’t you be heading to orientation?” Mom calls up to me.

I roll my eyes hiding everything away. As if there will be something special during this orientation. It’s the same kids that were in the middle school. I stretch with the wolves hidden away. Dad would be happy with me. I’m going to make him proud even if he doesn’t know about it. I’ll ace through high school, get a scholarship somewhere for something. Then I can…

I glance to my hidden nook where my wolves are kept. They aren’t my father’s collection anymore. They’re my collection. “Maybe I can research wolves.” I shake it off and skip out for my first activity as a high school freshman.

[Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe] [#Octoprompt]

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