The Secret of Pack 413 Cover

I need to start doing promo posts. The fun ones are when I talk about the book, characters, series, and nonsense connected.

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You can find The Secret of Pack 413 as both ebook and paperback where books are sold online. Or check out my [Store] to buy a copy directly from me.

The Secret of Pack 413; book one of crazy alphas; by cat hartliebe;
cover art

The covers I would really like to create for Modern Werewolves would have the main covers on the cover displaying their tentative reaction to each other. It would give a good idea of the book and the series.

But that will require more than free can create. Sorry. This will be the first series I put forth money to buy legit covers for. I have the ideas that would suit the story, the genre, the characters, etc.

I just don’t have the skill. I’ll be commissioning for these covers once I can manage to commission. I still haven’t made profit. I’m negatives. I spend more money on ordering proof copies, basic supplies (not even tea is included here), and the website than I make from selling my books. I’m glad I’m selling something at least, but it would be nice to hit profits. I’m in the red.

So the current cover has two upper case Alpha letters behind (as if fighting) for my lower case omega.

This is a secondary at-least-it’s-not-blank cover. And it does suit. My wolves have three levels: alpha, beta, and omega. So I use the upper case and lower case letters in the Greek alphabet for the covers.

Monique is a unshifted (thus child) omega wolf who is attached to two separate packs. She has two alphas vying for her attachment. The one is through family ties and the second is where she lives.

It gives hints to the story as a whole and really only fully makes sense once Monique figures everything out. She has no idea who her father is or what she technically is.

I don’t want to give much more away.

Lower case letters mean the wolf is unshifted. Upper case means the wolf is shifted and thus adult.

I did pick a letter for human, but I can’t recall it and it won’t be a concern for a few books.

Either way, I hope to one day turn these covers into what they should be. Until then, this works. It suits. I hope you like it.

[Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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