SS: First Night (Modern Werewolves)

This was the story that came to me from the octoprompt breeze. I’m a few days late… It’s fine. I’m good. Everything’s golden.

First Night

The breeze cuts through my fur as I run at full throttle.

I run as fast as my feet can take me. My limits are poor compared to the various other wolves around. Nothing about Green Ridge is weak. There will be a lot that’s needed to prove I belong. That I can help.

I want to help. I don’t torment Richard for funsies. Okay… I kinda do. Getting Alpha Junior mad just makes my day better. I’m the type to poke the monster.

Wolf has control right now. He runs and runs. His first time out and free. I kinda sorta understood what he was trying to say. I think. Preshift doesn’t really give you much to go on.

Minus the fact he needed to be next to Monique as often as possible. I could grasp that one. Which sounds like a true mate. I’ll know when I see her in class on Monday.

Wolf stops. I can finally see where I am and what I’m doing.

Fuck. I stare at the house I already know. Wolf took me to Monique. As a wolf. I need to take control so we can go home and put clothes on before meeting Monique.

^She’d be happy for us.^ Wolf is right there still keeping me plastered to my position behind Monique’s house. We’re out in the open. The only thing hiding me is the darkness. It may be full moon, but it’s cloudy. ^She wants us like this.^

^You don’t know that, Wolf! It’s one thing to say you love a fantasy werewolf and another completely to love the real thing. How many stories are there?^

^She’d accept us.^ Wolf has his own thoughts.

I can only hope she’d accept us. She hasn’t been willing to date, but the casual teases are… Heaven.

It has to be true mate.

And Wolf seems determined. “Woah.” I hold the shirt in my hands. I’m in my room as a human and Wolf is still in lead. “We can’t just… She’s asleep! Morning. You have to wait until morning.”

Wolf stares at the shirt in our hands. “Morning…” So we strip back down to nothing and return to Monique’s neighborhood. Wolf listens outside the building. Quiet. Whoever is inside is asleep. But I can smell her in there. She’s asleep inside her house. Safe and sound. ^Morning…^ Wolf switches direction running for the trees.

Once safety behind the tree line we run like our life depends on it. All Wolf tells me is Morning. I can guess what’s happening before I get the chance for a nap.

Monday… Who needs to wait for Monday? Clearly not me. Dawn sounds good enough.

No. We must call first to make sure she’s awake. And nine sounds good. Wait for nine.

Wolf only nods. He is aware I never wake up early on a Saturday. And waking someone up rarely turns out well.

Still Monique’s images slip in and out of my mind for our run. Wolf isn’t going to let me think of anything else. It’s as if nothing matters more than her.

My wolf’s a romantic. Doubtful Monique will be happy with that. All romance attempts just get her worried I have an ulterior motive.

^She’d accept us.^

That’s not the concern, Wolf. Accepting us as a werewolf sounds more plausible than her accepting your romantic notions. At least we’re waiting for a reasonable hour. I don’t want to wake her up for this.

[Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe]

This would be a direct side story to The Secret of Pack 413. Victor is the love interest for Monique Tersay, the main character.

The Secret of Pack 413

Monique fears the strange neighborhood where even the kids are called pack. Are they truly dangerous? Should she accept the offered friendship from the people she always feared?
#novel #indieauthor #fantasy #werewolves

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