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This isn’t the first time I’m talking about the covers. You can read a little here: Dragon Rider Covers

For this series, I went on pixabay and found an image of a person that is similar to one of the female main characters for the book.

Natalie Greene- who becomes Natalie Verde- is the main character for the entire series, so she gets book one.

I went with an image that has her looking dirty and poor. Her life before the story begins in January of her 6th Grade (following similar to American school system) has been as a slave. She had at max two outfits and they hopefully covered things. Nothing fit properly. She worked in the library when she wasn’t doing school work. Cleaning floors, putting away books, keeping an eye out for trespassers. She saw herself as the slave.

The reason she had schooling was because she’s that powerful as a mage. The laws are in place for a reason. And really the cost of school is lower than rebuilding towers.

Natalie has a history of damage and high cost.

This innocent little ten/eleven year old is left alone when her mother dies. Her owner used loopholes to get rid of her classification of their slave. That’s where chapter one begins.

So the image is this worried young tween, dirty from existence, afraid of the future. By the end of the book, she is pretty and perfect at least on the outside. Not that she understands what that means. It takes her a while to get used to the change. To go from the class that no one cares about and considers less than human to the one everyone bows down to and expects to praise.

I spent a few hours weighing how to do the covers for Dragon Rider. And when I came up with the decision to use a person’s face, I weighed options.

Could I do Alex on the cover?

The reason it ended up being just females is because of Alex. Finding a picture for Alex on the interwebs that is free to use? Nah. Asking too much. Alex is darker than dark when it comes to humans, so his image isn’t easy to find in the modeling world let alone for free.

Pixabay has more females in general. I could even find something for Melinda because of that. Happy Black adult female (See side image>) is a reasonable request. Black male teen? Nah. Asking too much.

I need to get an image for Alex. I want one. I just haven’t found him yet.

And I can’t draw for anything.

Alex is a really dark Black male teen with barely any hair- less work according to him. He wears either full suit (which I never explain what that means) or overalls half undone. He has cafe latte eyes against his black coffee skin. He smirks readily. The story begins with his lanky youthful teenager looks before facial hair is a problem. He is only fifteen almost sixteen at the beginning of the series. And he is totally a knight in Natalie’s world.

She calls him the Knight in dirty overalls. (He is working as a gardener and is trying to refrain of people guessing his titles.)

Alex technically has the royal magenta eye, but he doesn’t know about it. It’s hidden from him for reasons. Even after he learns the truth, you’re more likely to see him with the light brown eye color than the magenta.

I got off topic. Way off topic. I need to commission some art. I’m gonna need to find someone who can draw proper Black characters. As well as proper Asians. My cat shifters have black eyes and golden skin. Hm… What do you see with those descriptors?

This is one of those series where the cover will change if I got someone willing to draw my characters. That’s who belongs on the cover after all. I’d love an art that has Natalie and at least one of the other characters on it.

Natalie and Alex for 6th Grade.
Natalie and Jasmine for 7th Grade.
Natalie and Brooke/Cynthia for 8th Grade.
Natalie and Dominica for 9th Grade.
Natalie and Xyaina for 10th?

Not that there can’t be other characters mixed in.

I don’t know. I’m still more likely to pay for a cover for Modern Werewolves before this series. Unless an artist comes in with drawings that match and is willing to get some covers done.

We can talk prices then. I’m open to figuring that out if someone just shows up.

Until then, the series has one prominent female on the cover named with a small important quote from the book. On the back is a dragon symbol that I use for the chapter marks in the color that matches the one on front. Natalie’s is green. The brown background is because of her background of the image. The green relates to her existence as a green dragon even if she doesn’t know that yet. The cover is easy to read, which for me is required. Fancy is only fine if the information is easy to read.

I am autistic and sensory overload is a thing. That’s the main reason my covers look so bland. I’d rather bland than sensory overload any day of the week.

Any questions don’t be afraid to comment.

[Dragon Rider] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Dragon Rider 6th Grade

Family-less Natalie is being kicked out of school.
Alex puts his job on the line to stop it. “Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance.”
I’m a Dragon Rider?
#Fantasy #ya #selfpublish #indieauthor

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