Birthday Sale

I will go in and drop prices on a few books to 99 cents right around my birthday in December, but I’ll set the private coupon up now.

Until the end of December, all my books using this global coupon will be set to 99 cents or free.

Smashwords Global Coupon: BV63K

I set up a few public coupons as well.

All my ebooks are set up on Smashwords. An account with them is free. It’s also where I’ve sold the most books. I’m hoping my special deals and this coupon will increases sales.

As a note Unwanted is going back up to the $2.99 price point. It won’t stay there forever, but I wanted it at a higher price for the sale.

Cover images will link to the Smashwords page. Use the coupon BV63K at check out for a discount.

Down to 99 cents:





Free now:

Leagende Series set to $2.99

Always Free:





If there are any questions about the sale or any of the books, leave a comment or use the [Contact Cat or Cyro Hartliebe] form.

[Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

As a note, Poem a Day May 2018 is not part of the sale.

It is currently set to 99 cents US$. It will not change.

The reason for this is the book is under Cyro Hartliebe‘s name. It’s the only book under their name. If you are interested in giving Cyro a few coins, pick up a copy.

Hopefully soon, Cyro creates another book to add to their collection. Who knows, though. The kid has been trouble when it comes to everything writing.

[About Cyro Hartliebe] [Cyro Hartliebe’s Poem Books] [Cyro Hartliebe’s Books]

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