Dragon Rider 8th Grade

Dragon Rider 8th Grade cover image
by Cat Hartliebe

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I plan to hit publish on Dragon Rider 8th Grade February 1st.

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This month (November 2020), I have been giving you a little insight into Dragon Rider 6th Grade. Next month (December 2020), I will be offering a small view into Dragon Rider 7th Grade.

January, there will be promo posts around Dragon Rider 8th Grade.

Why am I doing this? The last thing you heard was the book needed a complete rehaul.

Well… I reread it. I made a few corrections here and there. A couple fixes on the paragraph and sentence level. Maybe a dialogue rewording or removal of a small scene that didn’t fit.

Nothing that says I need to rewrite or review extensively. Everything looks really good honestly. Could I hit publish right now even? Yeah. I should be able to. But I want another read through first.

A final read out loud edit. It will give me the chance to fix the small things. Make sure sentences sound right. That my prepositions are correct (that would be a good writer’s stuff post). Double check my weakness like in descriptions. I was looking through that this time and I didn’t find an issue. That doesn’t mean I didn’t just miss it.

I’m looking forward to it. At some point between next week and the end of December, I’ll be doing my final edit. No matter where the draft is at when New Year’s comes around, I’m uploading the final draft. I may review it again in January, but it doesn’t need it.

No draft can be perfect. Not even the final one. You can’t expect that. You can’t aim for that. Dragon Rider 8th Grade is already good enough.

Dragon Rider 9th Grade cover
by Cat Hartliebe

I can hit publish.

It won’t published for Cyro’s birthday though.

Then, onward to bigger things. I hope 9th Grade looks good. Either way there will be a few months before that sees the market. I’m tempted to publish it shortly before 10th Grade.

Dragon Rider 10th Grade cover
by Cat Hartliebe

Because my betas were worried upon finishing 9th. It’s more cliffhanger than I like.

(9th Grade cover has Dom on the cover. You get to finally meet her in 9th. Yes, she looks male. 10th Grade cover is Xyaina. She’s a character who shows up in every story of the series. There’s a reason she gains 10th Grade’s cover though. And I can’t tell you.)

(11th Grade’s cover is…. Unknown. There are several people I can pick from as I work on it. I won’t be able to say which of them should gain the cover until I finish my rewrite. The cover is supposed to be the prominent female besides Natalie or the other cover people [Jasmine, Brooke, Dom, Xyaina].)

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Dragon Rider 8th Grade

Natalie’s best friend is going to be Crown Princess one day, so why did she just accept a random secret boyfriend?

Will Natalie let the truth slip or be hurt in the end?

#Fantasy #ya #selfpublish #indieauthor
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Lady Natalie Verde.

Best friends with Crown Princess (not yet!) Cynthia Copper.

Did she make a mistake befriending royalty?

Natalie Verde will one day be a lady. She will one day watch her best friend sit before court, crown upon her head, magenta eyes staring out. But that day seems far, far away. Natalie helped Brooke get a hidden relationship with her engaged. With the gossip around the crown prince and the secretive nature of the relationship, they cannot hide it much longer. Will Natalie receive the backlash she’s expecting?

Eighth grade was supposed to be easy. Just graduate top of her class finishing off her middle school years perfect. Then, see a non human ball come summer. It was a promise from Verde shortly after meeting him. Could the Dragon Rider not be up to the challenge?

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[Amazon ebook preorder will be available in December.]

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