Year of Poems 2020… or not…

I have far too many poems this year to easily create a chaos poem book.

Ugh. Why did I do this to myself?


Fantastical Cat Hartliebe cover attempt
by Cat Hartliebe

How about I create several poem books based on my various topics? I can ignore what is posted on here and focus in on whether they match the topic.

Fantastical Cat Hartliebe

Fantastical Cat Hartliebe would include my magic, myths and fantasy poems. All my dragon poems would be included here. I went crazy posting dragon poems back in July 2020.

Queer Cat Hartliebe cover attempt
by Cat Hartliebe

Queer Cat Hartliebe

Queer Cat Hartliebe is going to contain mostly new poems. Poems like [Poem: Good Morning Kisses] or others that clearly hit the queer markings of an LGBT+ person. Which I am.

I feel gatekeeped out of the group, but that doesn’t stop me from being able to call myself queer and writing from that perspective.

I’m actually really happy I was able to insert Natalie is asexual directly into my Dragon Rider 11th Grade rewrite. I’ll post it another day, though. (Or if someone asks for it.)

Cat Hartliebe in Nature cover attempt
by Cat Hartliebe

Cat Hartliebe in Nature

I have quite a few poems reflecting my connection to nature and the natural world. I do have a science degree. But that isn’t where my connection lies.

I have always had a strong attachment to nature and everything nature is.

Some of them are fun like [Poem: Tree of Knowledge]. Others are paralleling life like [Poem: The Last Winter’s Storm].

And maybe another Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe can fill out anything I posted that hasn’t seen the inside of a poem book yet.

I think the three cover the bulk of my poems. And deciding what goes where is going to be tough. And maybe I can figure out another collection while looking through my 500+ poems.

I’ll definitely be over 30 poems a piece for these three. That’s minimum for my poem books. If I surpass 50 poems, they’ll be closer to Year of Poems 2019 size.

I’m sorry if you were looking forward to Year of Poems 2020. If you are interested in me making you a poem book reach out to me [Contact Cat or Cyro Hartliebe]. I’m not against.

My first poem books I ever made were for my family members. I asked them to chose their favorite poems of my collection back in high school and I did a quick stapled book with a poem dedicated directly to them. Hence the poem: [Poem: Mother, the dedication]. That was made for the poem book she let me create for her.

[Poetry Archive] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books]

The full covers since I made quick mock ups are:

Over all I do like them. I don’t know if I’ll change any of them. There are unknowns as of yet. I don’t have the list of poems to work through and weigh.

The covers may not match well enough to keep.

[Poetry Archive] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books]

3 thoughts on “Year of Poems 2020… or not…”

  1. Just went through my poems and pulled about 50 poems reaching just over 5k words combined full of fantasy and myth.
    Will all of them last until the final copy?
    *shrug* Maybe; maybe not.

    But it’s enough. I have enough poems for the first book. But looking at the background of the cover makes me think love and emotions- which I can totally create a poem book filled with my emotions.
    I need a new cover. Hmmmm…. Decisions. Either way, though, I am creating Fantastical Cat Hartliebe poem book. No idea when I’ll publish it though. Feb 1st is Dragon Rider 8th Grade.


  2. Pulled possible queer poems for book 2. Looking at about 30 poems hitting just under 5k word count.
    I don’t know if all of them will last until the final, but it’s enough.

    I’m thinking I may write a few more and switch out what goes in. Some I’m not as happy about.


  3. I haven’t even pulled all my possible nature poems into a file.
    I marked off the poems that can be included.
    Wanna know how many I have marked?
    100 poems.
    I probably even missed some, yet I have a hundred marked as nature based.
    *grumble* that’s going to mean at least two books will be needed. Anything longer than a haiku isn’t going to have a hundred poems fit in one poem book.
    No…. They aren’t all haikus. Most of them are more than five lines. Ugh. *frustrated crying*


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