Dragon Rider 6th Grade Quotes

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How about the entire collection of quotes from Dragon Rider 6th Grade?

I pulled 29 quotes while going through my final edits.

That won’t count as all of them. If anyone spots a favorite line or quote, let me know. I can add it to the list.

Dragon Rider 6th Grade Quotes

  1. “Brooke couldn’t hide in a pitch black room alone. She looks royal. Even without the eyes, everyone will know for certain she’s top of the top when it comes to power and money. Hiding sounds impossible for her.”
  1. “Alex is dangerous. Like dragon guarding castle level dangerous. And it’s the ending where the princess never leaves.”
  1. “Verde’s entire being has me both pulling back in fear and stepping into his limelight.”
  1. Melinda comes to me eyeing me as if I was the fly caught in a spider’s web on purpose. “A chair is meant for one thing: to sit someone. If there is a chair not meant for sitting, it should be tossed into the nearest fireplace.”
  1. Verde smiles at me. “When you have good company, time doesn’t matter.”
  1. Verde moves to my side and wraps arms around me. “With you, I feel as if I am half in a dream.”
  1. “I feel like a speck of dust yet unimportant in the grand scheme of things.”
  1. “It’s like my entire hope got caught in my throat.”
  1. “I’m Cinderella. I was literally saved from being thrown to the wolves. How did this even happen? A slave shouldn’t be given such a chance. Or wait… Am I still a slave? Borg no longer owns me. They gave me up. Who can I rely on? What am I qualified as? Am I free? What is freedom?”
  1. “Once outside, my eyes close feeling the freedom of the wind and air. Freedom sounds distant and scary now. Because that’s what they truly offered: freedom from school. I’m not ready.” 
  1. “Don’t deny your strength, Natalie Greene.”
  1. “This is fairy tale level expectation of princess. Her training has me wanting to duck my head and apologize. Apologize just for existing. Pretty sure that is called rude. You shouldn’t apologize for existing. Before being a princess, she is a person.”
  1. “Dagger to the heart. Wow. Someone actually called novels boring. I shake it off. That doesn’t matter. Too much. I’m now questioning how close I can be with a person who calls novels boring.”
  1. “She is in the league beyond my reach. I barely even know the league exists. There is no chance I can join her. But I can cheer for her from the sidelines. I can do that. I can help her between plays. While she waits in the shadows for her moment, I can be there helping.”
  1. “As much as Brooke’s words comfort me, our time together will just be a warm memory to hold on to during a tough night in my near future.”
  1. “I’m not a real friend. I’m a secret friend. A hidden ally. How can I be considered anything more than that to a princess?”
  1. “Crying is okay in private, but generally means you are not ‘fine’.”
  1. “It is time to step into the sunshine.”
  1. “Perhaps, the world can shine on me, and I can actually be the princess’s real friend. Her first real friend.” 
  1. “No one can offer true innocence while sending soldiers into war. You cannot be content marking certain people for death. Ruling is exhausting and overwhelming. Ruling is not for the weak of heart.” 
  1. “The fact he’s on my thoughts at all bothers me quite a bit. I stalk off for my class trying to push Alex into ‘Dangerous’ category. He fits the characteristics, so why doesn’t it work? Why won’t my mind see him as a scary person? Why is it I’m more likely to swoon than shiver? And why is it swooning even came to mind? I don’t swoon!”
  1. “Alex just made it to a new level of danger. A level that didn’t exist before now. He makes the fantasy dragons look tame! I thought that was impossible.”
  1. “[Verde] makes Alex seem like a piece of sand to his vast desert.”
  1. “Verde screams danger. Alex just states it.”
  1. “It turns into a perfect year. A year full of the unexpected. A year to teach hope.”
  1. “The person from my memories is like her, but she never gave me such hope. She was broken, only a piece of her former self.” 
  1. “It wasn’t you. Never blame yourself child. She was facing demons this picture does not show.”
  1. “I heard what happened between them. A quick attachment- the stuff of legends, really. Jacob always seemed innocent of relationships. Or really uninterested. But with her, he was a goner. Romance and Jacob didn’t seem to exist in the same universe. Still, he got her flowers, small trinkets, favors, dates, the whole shebang.”
  1. As pleasurable as reading is, food is more important. 

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[Dragon Rider] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Dragon Rider 6th Grade

Family-less Natalie is being kicked out of school.
Alex puts his job on the line to stop it. “Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance.”
I’m a Dragon Rider?
#Fantasy #ya #selfpublish #indieauthor

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