Holidays Cards!

Can you believe the year is almost over?

In Dragon Rider, there is a holiday at the end of the year called ‘The Holidays’. I’m so good at naming things.

Well, this is the end of the year, and the celebration would take place during the last week of the year.

Let’s see if I can beat out Natalie’s number of pen pals for it.

When she meets Jonah, her goblin friend, in Dragon Rider 8th Grade, she mentions that’ll make pen pal number 24.

“I should go home. Father will be questioning where I went.” I pull out the train ticket. No point trying to use it now. “He should be home by now.”

“Of course.” Jonah gathers herself standing again. The bounce returns to her step. “No one keeps the Lord waiting. Not even his daughter.”

“Father isn’t like that.” I chuckle standing up. “Thank you, Jonah.” I step back looking around the fields. It’s nice here. Minus the requirement for respect. “I will write you.” That’s only pen pal number twenty four.

“Promise.” Jonah nods. As I release my teleport spell, I hear her call out, “What’s your shoe size?”

Dragon Rider 8th Grade

That means I need to find at least 24 people to send holiday cards to.

Holidays Cards!
If you would like a holiday card from Cyro and Cat this year send an email ( or leave a message giving your address (email or physical) and favorite holiday of importance.
Happy Holidays!
signature of Cat Hartliebe

I have been sending out holiday cards for a few years now. It’s fun to write them out and send them. I’m hiding out in New Jersey, USA, so that may not suit sending physical cards to everyone, so email would work too.

Image text:
If you would like a holiday card from Cyro and Cat this year send an email ( or leave a message giving your address (email or physical) and favorite holiday of importance.

Last year, I also sent along a pdf copy of Unwanted to my friends and family. I’m thinking about something along those lines again, but maybe smaller.

Perhaps a flash fiction I’ll publish after the Holidays end.
Or a poem that I really like.

Something that would be one page typed or less. That will be the limit for physical cards. (Those I gave physical cards to last year got a physical gift.)

Decisions, decisions.

Still, even if it’s just a card that I signed or little ecard I create with Cyro, something will be sent out in the next few weeks. If you are looking for a little something to improve your holiday, leave a comment here, send me an email, message me on one of my social medias. (Twitter is back up. Instagram is available. Facebook and my page exists.)

I love celebrations!

Let’s celebrate!

(I probably should’ve made these comments before Diwali. I missed an end of year holiday. *sigh* I’m just not good enough.)

When making your comment, please let me know your favorite holiday within the holidays and how you want the card sent. If you wish for email, I need an email address. If you wish for a physical card, I need a physical address. Please do not leave either in public view. I will delete comments with such information in them and then send an email verifying the request.

I hope this year I beat Natalie’s total. Twenty four isn’t a big number, but it also isn’t small. Who wants to help me try?

And I still need to decide which less than a page story/poem to send with it. Hm…

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One thought on “Holidays Cards!”

  1. Found three short stories that are possibilities…. The Hair Returns; Russ and Me; My Blueberry Wand

    Maybe I’ll do both a poem and a short.

    Do I want the short story to feature a holiday? I’d have to write up a story for that. I don’t have one currently. And which holiday are we talking?


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