Favorite Couple in Dragon Rider 6th Grade

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I want to say Alex and Natalie are my favorite couple. But for the first book, they really are friends and only friends.

I can call them the favorite couple of Dragon Rider 6th Grade. But that’s only possible because they’re engaged. There is no romance between two. There’s definitely nothing in the sexual category and won’t be for several books.

So Alex and Natalie are not the favorite couple of Dragon Rider 6th Grade. Even if they top my list more times than not. (They’re so cute reading books together!)

I have the option of picking Brooke and Ceres. They are also a main forever couple in the series. I won’t go into too much detail on the topic, but they are definitely up there in favorite couple land.

The winner for this one, though?

Lord Jacob Verde and Rachel Greene.

You never see, meet, or deal with Rachel Greene. She only appears in memories with the other characters. But she is the reason Natalie exists. And she is the one Jacob still adores.

Her death starts the book.

Several characters mourn her over the course of the series. And Jacob Verde is probably the one who mourns the most. But part of this series is getting over that loss.

Rachel Greene will never appear in the main books. She may jump into a flash fiction or side story. But she’s gone. Never to be the light of day in Dragon Rider.

Even if they mention her name often.

Jacob Verde is pansexual, greyromantic. Rachel Greene was one of very few he fell in love with over the last two millennia. She loved him back. It’s not as if she didn’t. Her life was at risk. She was trying to save it. Even if it meant losing someone who stole her heart.

They had a summer fling that changed their entire lives.

I love them.

Do you have a favorite couple in Dragon Rider 6th Grade?

Any questions don’t be afraid to comment.

[Dragon Rider] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Dragon Rider 6th Grade

Family-less Natalie is being kicked out of school.
Alex puts his job on the line to stop it. “Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance.”
I’m a Dragon Rider?
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