SS: Jacob Feels Love…? (Dragon Rider)

(This is a first draft short story from Dragon Rider that takes place before any of the books. Jacob meets his beloved for the first time.)

Jacob Feels Love…?

Melinda fits in with those here being the dark browns common among the Noir. I knew this was a black dragon zone. And that wouldn’t be marked my parents. I call after her with a huff, “You better be quick. I’m only going to stay here so long.” She just waves as if my staying doesn’t matter.

I look at the little fire breather. Alex just hides in his father’s arms. For once the guy looks correct. No one would see him as strange even with the magenta eyes.

Still. I lean over and press a hand over Alex’s eyes and then his father. “Better to go brown.”

“Thank you.” The father whispers.

Alex whimpers reaching for his father’s eyes. Such a child.

“No, Alex.” I reprimand him. The child shows off half tears. I grab him up and cover his mouth. “No breathing.”

“The fire isn’t too bad.” Arthur rubs his neck. “I’m glad his death didn’t kill me.”

I scan the man. Alex is a Dragon Rider. He’s only a blood. And he’s still a human. His breathe shouldn’t be too dangerous. It shouldn’t even be active. Still… Three people died this time. People I know. And Arthur was there too. And he didn’t. He wasn’t killed by the direct fire breathe of Alex. And now he wasn’t defeated by his death? Something is strange about him. Untrustworthy strange.

Alex bites my hand. It doesn’t hurt, but if he’s moving on to physical attacks, he shouldn’t breathe. Different thought processes.

I place Alex on the ground and he moves to wrap himself around his father’s leg. Kid doesn’t like me. Same, kid. Same.

“I wish he would just start talking again. Ever since you explain about the funeral… He liked them. He didn’t mean to kill them.” Arthur pets his son’s hair. “And now…”

“It’s normal for people to respond that way to their first death. Especially a kid who had an attachment.” I scan the place. Not much here. A trading post close enough to Noir within being within the clan.

A dragon clan would not accept me leaving so readily.

And normally they know what to say to keep me stable.

Not that I regret Clan Opal… Still that was forty years wasted. The memory has me annoyed.

“I’m gonna grab something to eat.” I grumble wanting to just forget that experience. Forty years of distraction. “One danish please.” I order and pull money from my pocket.

“Hey!” Someone calls from somewhere while I am buying my danish. Trouble. Always trouble. I should just… “I was going to buy that. I said I’d be right back.” She grabs my hand where I am holding a danish. My danish.

She spins on the stall keeper. “I said I’d be right back.” The stall keeper begins packing up ignoring her. “You. Give me that.” She points at the danish in my hand. The hand she’s holding.

Growling, I scan the arm that is attached to the body. The dress matches, but she doesn’t. Tawny brown hair in messy curls around this sweet face. Her dark brown eyes are set to the snarl of the rest of her image. Power. Presence.

Not a dragon.

So I laugh. “You can’t take my danish away.”

“I’ll pay you. I don’t have time to waste.” She looks about. “I need to find that woman who–“

I scan her again. The presence switches some to fear. Not sure why she’d fear. A woman? Strange. “How about I give you the danish, and you make me a meal instead?” I move the danish to her lips. The snarl appears as she takes a bite. She looks to be in heaven from the bite. Wish I had it.

Then again… Feels closer to heaven watching her eat.

“Thank you.” She wipes her mouth after eating two bites. “I need to find that woman.” She starts off, but I catch her.

“A meal?”

“Another time.” She looks up at my towering figure.

“I can wait. I was only eating out of boredom.” I follow her on her movement. “Who are we looking for?”

“We?” She stops and tries to force me away. “You will make it harder to find her.”

“I’ll protect you while we figure this out.”

“Protect me?” She scours me again. I can see when the thoughts in her head switch a little. She does a double check before catching my eyes. I smirk seeing it. “You think I need protection?”

“I’m not offering a need. I have a desire. Allow me to offer my services in exchange for that meal I’m looking forward to.” I lean forward getting eye to eye. “Precious.”

“My name’s Annabella.” She turns aside instead of lean in to kiss. “If you’re protecting me, then we need to at least know names.”

“Jacob Verde.” I place a hand against my chest standing up tall while watching her. “A pleasure to meet such a perfect creature.” I take up her hand to kiss. She blushes while turning away. “Now, where were we? Who is this devil of a woman you are chasing?”

“She’s not the devil. She’s gonna hide me from the devil.”

“A twist!” I take up her arm. “Onward to this adventure.”

Read more about Jacob and his love in Dragon Rider 6th Grade.

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Dragon Rider 6th Grade

Family-less Natalie is being kicked out of school.
Alex puts his job on the line to stop it. “Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance.”
I’m a Dragon Rider?
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