Transition Practice

I need to write up a full writing post for transitions. I’m working on them with Cyro right now. Transitions aren’t my strong suit. Normally I have to go basic: previous paragraph as subject; next paragraph as predicate.

Not to mention figuring out quick essay topics is a pain too. But here are a few essay topics and some points that can be made. I did little to no research. I’m just throwing down words hoping child can figure out transitions.

So, if you want to join them, here you go.

[Writer’s Stuff]

Pick four points for each essay, decide the essay order, and write transitions between them. Good luck!

Essay topic: The Greek god everyone should know is Hera because she is the backbone to the entire Greek god pantheon.

1. Sister and wife of Zeus

2. Queen of the gods on Mount Olympus

3. patroness and protectress of married women (weddings and blessing marital unions)

4. Jealous and vengeful of Zeus’s lovers/offspring

5. sacred animals: cow, lion, peacock

Essay Topic: Pokemon Go is the best game to play alone or with friends.

1. It requires walking and moving around.

2. Spin pokestops= get things

3. Gyms

4. Raids

5. go battle league

6. buddy

7. friends (friend code)

Essay Topic: Twitter is the best social media.

1. Anonymous

2. Up to date history

3. Information can spread like wild fire

4. new friendships

5. quick limited tweets. say a little in a little space

If you have a quick essay topic, let us know. Cyro is only twelve. Things like ‘death penalty’ isn’t possible. Currently, they are working on Reading Benefits as their topic. Transitions is their weakness, so practice is required.

I need to think of more when I’m not tired.

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