Poem: Pink Flowers

(I’m gonna try for a picture and poem a day. On Instagram. I started up another cathartliebe account… but not for promotion or follows. just a place to put my poetry and pictures.)

Pink flowers

The world looks dim
Full of concerns and hardships
Always turning dark
As if rain clouds appear every day

But without rain
Without that hardship
Flowers cannot grow
They cannot be

Pour on me clouds
Tackle me to the ground
Drown me from above
So I can grow and become beautiful

What beauty will I reach?
After the storm has passed?
Each flower is different
Who am I to ask?

Rain clouds bring hope
Like rainbows after storms
The pitter patter of life
Existing just because

Acceptance of the pain
Brings more than just clear skies
Open yourself to the storm
Let the beauty come alive

[Poetry Archive]

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