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Dragon Rider 6th Grade
Simple words: "She has all the notes of Dragon Rider."
All the difference.
By Cat Hartliebe
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Natalie Greene felt excluded from life. She knew where her place was: cleaning the library and getting scraps from the cafeteria when meals were required.

That’s what slaves deserve.

She didn’t have time to question why she was a slave. Was it her mother who became one or was her family slaves going back generations?

Because none of that mattered. She was at school because there are laws against killing a child. Even a difficult high level mage like Natalie Greene.

When her mother died- as everyone must one day- the castle that owned her forsaked her. Was it legal?

She was her father’s problem now. Who’s that?

Where is he? Could he be the reason she is so powerful? She never found anything who uses magic so readily like she does.

When Alex said she was an Dragon Rider, it is the first time anyone gave her a title to her magic. But what does that mean? And why is Alex so confident he’ll find someone to pay for her schooling before the year ends?

There’s no way a slave deserves that.

Or… Is she even a slave now?

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