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Learning 한국

As you probably have guessed… What am I saying? I’ve point blanked stated I’m studying and learning Korean. It’s such an amazing language. The letters and words make sense. They were created to make sense. I have enough of the written knowledge that I’m stuck just getting more of it. By now I’m limited by … Continue reading Learning 한국

Poem: Can’t Be Lonely When Your Dead

Originally posted on Tod Leben:
(You know when things just hit you? And you have to get them down? And you’re not sure where you’re going? But you have to try it out? This is one of those moments. I don’t expect you to understand. Half the time I don’t.) Triggers. Obviously. Death and life…

Poem: Thanks For…

(This isn’t about the theme… But… It’s a poem. *shrug*) Thanks For… thanksfor being my allyfor standing beside mefor everything and then some life wouldn’t be the same without you thank you Okay… It sounds more like a greeting card saying. Close enough. Also, thanks everyone for everything. This blog wouldn’t be very useful if … Continue reading Poem: Thanks For…


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