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Mwahahaha! All the profits

(not really) But sales for the shortest month of the year shortly before the month closes. If something happens between now and Monday, I may not notice. *shrug* I’ll have a final countdown in December anyway. Sales as of Feb 26 Fall in Love = 5Two Boots; One Date = 4 (republished in If Non … Continue reading Mwahahaha! All the profits

Poem: Tell Me

I’m tempted to put this one in Fall in Love. What do you think? Or should it go in If Non Humans Could Talk… or maybe slide it in for comfort within Non Human Best Friend? Too many choices! First person to give me an answer (yes all of them is possible) will win! Tell … Continue reading Poem: Tell Me

It and They

I just want to write an appreciation post to ‘it’ and ‘they’. These are double duty pronouns. Both ‘it’ and ‘they’ are used for single items as well as groups. Generally ‘it’ means object. ‘They’ is used for humanoids. When dealing with an unknown human, ‘they’ is the substitute pronoun. When dealing with an unknown … Continue reading It and They


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