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The full list of current published and soon to be published books. Lets start with novels and work the way down.

Covers: Dragon Rider 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Grades; The Secret of Pack 413, The Secret of Preshift, and The Secret of Luna.

Cat Hartliebe has two series that are novel length: Dragon Rider and Modern Werewolves.

Dragon Rider currently has Dragon Rider 6th Grade and Dragon Rider 7th Grade published. Dragon Rider 8th Grade should be published before 2020 ends. Dragon Rider 9th and 10th Grades should be published in 2021. Dragon Rider 11th and 12th Grade should be published before 2023 ends. The series is going through the editing phase. First drafts have been finished for a while.
Alpha Shifter will continue this Young Adult Fantasy series. You can meet Rebecca in Dragon Rider 7th Grade.

Modern Werewolves is an adult urban fantasy than leans on paranormal. Romance will be found in every book, although it is not always the main plot. The Secret of Pack 413 and The Secret of Preshift are both published. About 40 books of varying lengths are written already. The Secret of Luna needs more work than I have time for at the moment. Expect it to be published before 2023.

Leagende covers: Unwanted, Unexpected, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, Unavoidable, and Leagende Bonus.

Leagende series is a collection of novellas with a few extra bonus short stories. It is complete. It falls into adult fantasy. It is heavy on acceptance, equality, and political aspirations.

Covers: First Meeting, Tsuba Ren, Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe, Poem A Day May 2015, Poem a Day May 2018, Year of Poems 2019, and Poem a Day 2020. And Let It Go a poem found in Poem a Day May 2020

Tsuba Ren is a novella set in Witches and Demons world. It is urban fantasy that hits all the positive and negative notes around humans on Earth. Tsuba Ren is the only book published in the series. None of the others are being pushed forward at this time.

First Meeting is a collection of short stories that take Cat Hartliebe’s real world friends and throws them into fantasy. It’s urban fantasy for the most part. First Meeting 2 is already started with enough plans and plots for a full book. Expect First Meeting 2 to be published by 2025. (Fantasy Shorts Page)

Cat Hartliebe has five poem books now. She joins Cyro Hartliebe for several of them. There will be poem books published pretty much yearly. (Old Poems page/ Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books/ Cyro Hartliebe’s Poem Books/ Poetry Archive)

Covers: Beautiful, Dark Silence, Happy Puppy, The Spoon, Troubled Royals, Missing Royals, Crown Princess, Cursed Items, and Annabella and Ji.
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Troubled Royals is a collection of princess tales. Not necessarily fairy tales, but they include princesses figuring out how to be strong even when life is tough. It includes Missing Royals, Crown Princess, Cursed Items, and Annabella and Ji.

Vampire Killer is a fantasy short story without a collection as of yet. It follows a vampire killer as they retrieve their knife.

There will be more fantasy short stories coming from Cat Hartliebe in the future. But it is unknown which of the short stories will make it published first.

Fireworks Cover

Beautiful, Dark Silence, Happy Puppy, and The Spoon are all fiction short stories. Fireworks was recently published as well. None of them are real even if they can really happen.
These short stories will eventually be published in the collection The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories. Many of them are ready to go. The Bet isn’t.
Next year either the collection will get published or another short from the collection will.

Short stories of fiction or fantasy base will be published randomly for the rest of my life. Expect annual increase to this list.

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For more information on the dragon myth found within several of the stories: [Dragon Myth]

That should be all of them. If you have any further questions send me a comment or check out Contact.

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