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Random Poems of Cyro Hartliebe

Random Poems of Cyro Hartliebe possible cover

Random Poems of Cyro Hartliebe is Cyro’s first attempt at having a solo poem book.

Cat Hartliebe will be helping, but all poems within will be all Cyro’s.

It is not completed.

Look forward to picking up a copy when it finally is published.

This cover is temporary. It probably will not be the final option.

Poem a Day May series
(2015, 2018, 2020)

This is taken directly from Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books page. Cyro will update it at some point.

Poem a Day May 2015 cover

The Poem a Day May series is $10 for a paperback book and $0.99 for the ebook ($2.99 during the first month of sales).

There are two reasons I started the Poem a Day May series. To challenge myself, and to challenge the child.

Cyro has joined me every time, although he only made it into 2015 and 2018 books.

In 2015, Cyro helped me stay on track with my words every day for the month. They offered a few poems on their own. I’m proud of them. Six year olds aren’t the best poets. But they tried. That matters.

Poem a Day May 2018 cover

In 2016 and 2017, we both failed to get anywhere.

In 2018, not only did we succeed at writing a poem every day for a month, we had three other people join us in writing. They did not reach 31 poems done, but we ended up with so many poems, we were required to limit what made it into the book. It was the first time Cyro had to weigh, edit, and decide. They found it frustrating more than anything. But it turned into a beautiful testament to Cyro’s abilities. Both Cyro and I have the same number of poems in Poem a Day May 2018.

Poem a Day May 2020

In 2019, we started off well. Or I did at least. It was going to be based on myths. There’s quite a few poems from that month I really adore, but since neither of us managed every day for an entire month, the book wasn’t created.

During the pandemic of 2020, I managed to write poems every day for the month. The poems were based off of a song. I also wrote a few extra poems during the month. It was a trying time. The poems helped me manage the added chaos.

Hopefully this series can continue. I look forward to watching Cyro grow as a poet. These challenge help that growth.

2015: Amazon Barnes and Noble Smashwords
2018: Barnes and Noble Amazon Smashwords
2020: Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble

Year of Poems series

This is taken directly from Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books page. Cyro will update it at some point.

Year of Poems 2019 Cover

The Year of Poems paperback books are $10. The ebooks are set to $2.99 (during the first month they will be set to $4.99).

At the end of 2018, I decided to have poems post every Monday. It made a year of poems thus the poem book. All the poems that were posted during 2019 (as well as the few from the previous years) ended up in Year of Poems 2019.

I am planning to create Year of Poems 2020 with all the poems I have posting this year. It’s exciting to have people enjoy my poetry.

2019: Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble

Cyro has written poems on the blog before. Their current collection – that we have awareness of- is over 50 poems. That’s pretty good for an 11 year old.

Check out the Archives and Poetry Archive for more poems.

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Want a poem written for you? (Cyro may refuse)

Write me a Poem!

Make sure to use a proper email address, so we can communicate. Please note if this is a request for Cat or Cyro. Cyro may not agree. A refund will be made if that’s the case.

20.00 $

You will get to pick a topic/person/situation, and I will create a poem based on your suggestion.
It will be up to you if it gets posted to the blog dedicated to you or whether you wish to keep it.

Note: This will not be a back and forth until you get the perfect poem in your mind. If you are looking for that, please send me an email (
This is meant to be fun.

I will refund the payment if I take too long to come up with a poem for you or you pick a topic/etc that I refuse to do. Those topics are limited, but they do exist.

I will not refund payment just because you dislike the poem.

Want a PDF copy of one of the paperbacks?

Poetry Book

This is for a PDF file of one of the paperbacks. I will contact you by email within two days.

5.00 $

Current Status:

  1. Creating Random Poems of Cyro Hartliebe

Any ideas, suggestions, or questions? Comment.