Dragon Myth

Cat Hartliebe has been building a myth around their dragons for a little more than a decade now.

Some of it can be found in other myths. Some is direct. Some is similar. But there is no myth just like theirs.

Cyro is being pulled into this myth for dragons. It’s time to start showing the world the new myth. It’s complex. It’s an entire world. It’s fantasy. It’s fun.

One day I’ll get art for the dragon myth, but that day is not really today. Sorry.

Blog Posts: [My Dragon Myths: Dragon Titles] [My Dragon Myth: Dragon World Part 2] [My Dragon Myth: Dragon World] [My Dragon Myth: Colored Names] [My Dragon Myth: Dragon Colors] [Dragon Myth…]

The stories accessible to the public that uses some of the myth are:
Annabella and Ji [Troubled Royals]
Dragon Rider series
WIP: Cyro’s Middling Adventure
WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper
[Dragon fruit]
Some of the stories within [First Meeting]

That doesn’t mean they all live in the same world. Using the same myth does not mean they can interact. Generally speaking if Cat Hartliebe adds dragons, they belong to this myth. Not always, but nearly so.

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