Dragon Rider Series

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Dragon Rider consists of seven books before switching series name: 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, and 12th Grade.

The main character is Natalie Greene/Verde. She starts off as a slave, but finds a home and position with the help of the friendly- and insanely dangerous- gardener, Alex Copper. When Alex claims Natalie is a Dragon Rider, her life changes completely.

Join her on the chaos of finding her family, a home, a direction, and hope.

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Dragon Rider: 6th Grade
What’s a Dragon Rider?
Who is Natalie Greene?
Could she be a slave because her family line going back generations are slaves?
Nothing really seems to be going well for the small ten year old. With her mother’s death, she is released from servitude. More her owner rescinds their claim on her, because she’s too expensive to keep with no guarantee of worth later on. They decided to cut their losses. She is only a small child. She cannot fend for herself.
Luck may still shine while such suffering is handed to her. Alex, supposedly a simple gardener, marks her as a Dragon Rider, a position that is so unique it’s nearly unheard of.
The school cannot cast out so readily the Dragon Rider. But how will Natalie find the funds to cover another school year? She has until June to find money or make a plan for life outside of the protection she’s always known.
How much luck did Alex bestow on her life?
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Dragon Rider: 7th Grade
Natalie Greene… No… Lady Natalie Verde.
Not quite, but close.
Her biological father is actually Lord Jacob Verde. However, he hasn’t handed her the title. Nor does her “fiancé” Alex Copper have the title in Gley Castle. Gley being a name Natalie gave the castle only a few months ago. Since finding her father, Natalie has made a lot of friends. She has started finding her place in the world. She even has a real mage title: Dragon Rider. Although, she doesn’t quite know what that means. With so many things going well for Natalie Verde, how could anything truly ruin her seventh year of school? Or it looks that way. Things never work out easy for this busybody. She doesn’t seem to know how to let sleeping cats lie.
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Unlike most of my books, Dragon Rider is actually Young Adult. It’s general fantasy. The stories follow her from age ten/eleven to sixteen/seventeen. It is first person present tense point of view.

After Dragon Rider finishes, the next series will be Alpha Shifter. Alpha Shifter follows Rebecca, a small child during Natalie’s books. She reaches 6th Grade the year after Natalie graduates high school. The story is already starting into first draft.

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Current Status:

  1. Final edits on Dragon Rider 8th Grade
  2. Finish edits on Dragon Rider 9th and 10th Grades
  3. Finish rewrite of 11th and 12th Grades
  4. Clear through the first draft of Alpha Shifter
  5. Plan Goblin Princess
  6. Work on covers
  7. Pull quotes and create quote squares
  8. Write side stories for fun

Any questions about the series, ask.
This is my most active series I am working on.