Fall in Love

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This collection talks about characters falling in love and being in love.

Beautiful is one of my beloved ebook shorts that has a painter falling in love with one of their models. Rich people can still buy a painter’s time for a portrait. That doesn’t mean the artist can fall in love.

First Love is a flash fiction that is super cute about a youth’s first love beyond family. You’ll never guess it. *wink*

Butterfly Effect came about when I was trying to describe falling in love romantically. This college student fell in love over the course of a discussion the previous night. Will it turn out well?

Table of Contents

  • Red Roses (poem)
  • Beautiful
  • Caught (poem)
  • Fall in Love
  • I Love You (poem)
  • First Love
  • Three Little Words (poem)
  • Butterfly Effect
  • To Someone (poem)
  • Hakkori
  • Blue Violets (poem)

I’ll offer a quick one line about each one missing currently shortly. The update just happened today.

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