Fantasy Short Stories

Find out more about Troubled Royals here.

Find out more about First Meeting here.

Currently all published fantasy short stories are found in Trouble Royals or First Meeting.

This will not always be the case. This page will expand as more fantasy short stories are published.

Blog posts about Fantasy Shorts: | Low Level Demons |

Flash Fiction and Short Stories on the blog:
| Dragon fruit | Fall | Cyro’s SS: Stone Flower | Grim and Catherine | Unpublished Story: Original White Witch: Find the Child (Book 1) (Premium) |

Attached to larger series or works:
Leagende:: | The Hair Incident | Zusammen |
Modern Werewolves: | The Secret of True Mates |
| #Octoprompt (fiction and fantasy) |

For more information on the dragon myth found within several of the stories: [Dragon Myth]

Current Status:

  1. Write more fantasy shorts (Especially First Meeting ones)
  2. Edit the shorts I have completed
  3. Ready fantasy shorts to be published
  4. Get Cyro writing short stories that can fit in the next collection

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