Fiction Short Stories

The fiction stories currently published will appear in The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories when it is published within the next two years.

The Bet isn’t ready yet, but the rest of the fiction shorts are.

Unless I wish to add in the few new fiction shorts I wrote.

Some of my fiction shorts have different narrators such as a tree (Check out Tree’s Friend) or animal (Happy Puppy).

My fiction is normally short and to the point. I haven’t written any long fiction work. The longer stuff ends up being fantasy.

Current stories: (All of these are free everywhere besides Amazon.)

Beautiful: If I was a painter and you requested a painting… There are few things in life more beautiful than the meadows in spring. You are one of them. By trade, I’m an artist. A painter, actually. My landscapes sell well enough, but truly my income comes from drawing people’s portraits. That’s still a thing rich people do. If you are looking for a family portrait that’s painted, give me a call. I have a few openings left for the year. Last year, I saw you. I don’t think I thought much about it. One day, you passed by, and I did a double take. Smashwords  Amazon  Barnes and Noble
Dark Silence: Sometimes suicide sounds like the best answer. Kyri believes that to be the case. Smashwords  Amazon
Happy Puppy: A short story about a puppy who just seeks freedom. Happiness is all about perspective. Amazon  Smashwords
The Spoon: Silverware with romantic notions? Nonsense. Well, this is nonsense. A super short story. Amazon Smashwords  Barnes and Noble
Fireworks: Fireworks is about a precious young main character called Baby and their first time hearing fireworks. Mom left them safely at home, but fireworks can be terrifying even while safe at home. Follow along with Baby’s frightened state over the loud booms in the sky. Will Getoffthecounter make it easier or harder on them? Smashwords Amazon

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Current Status:

  1. Write more fiction shorts
  2. Edit the shorts I have completed
  3. Finish and publish The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories
  4. Create the next collection of fiction shorts
  5. Get Cyro writing short stories that can fit in the next collection

Any questions, comments, concerns, speak up.
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