First Meeting

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First Meeting contains 25 stories where Cat Hartliebe’s friends meet fantasy for the first time.

There are two editions of the book. The first edition has four less stories.

A couple of the stories are within the same world, but mostly it’s separate realistic fantasies. If there is any story you want to become more than just a first meeting, give me a message.

These stories are meant to show my range as a writer within the different genres. Generally they all fall into Urban Fantasy genre. Some have elements of young adult and middle grade, but most are adult.

First Meeting

Friends plus fantasy create many individual short stories. How would you react to seeing a fantasy creature in real life?
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First Meeting Quotes:

First Meeting 2 has already been started.

SS Grim and Catherine is one of the shorts that will make it into the next collection. Once I have more than 20 short stories, you’ll hear more about this collection.

Unlike with some of the other shorts I create, First Meeting short stories will only appear in the First Meeting collections. Or here on the blog.

Any questions about the shorts or about the series in general, don’t be afraid to speak up.

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