Leagende (Series Complete)

Leagende Series

The seven books in this series are Unwanted, Unexpected, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, Unavoidable, and Leagende Bonus.

Leagende Bonus is actually a collection of short stories and bonus for the series as a whole. It contains The Hair Incident, Queen’s Escape, Rorianna’s Attempts, Cardenil’s Governor, The Letters, and Childhood Memories.

This series follow Bludi Illiene, the half elf bastard child of the queen, as he figures out how to live in a world that hates him.

As the stories progress, he gains his proper title of Prince and a family that supports him even though he is “only a half”.

Leagende Series cover

The entire series is contained in the ebook Leagende Series.

There is no requirement to read all the series to gain the story. Each one has it’s own merit.

Unwanted is completely capable of being a standalone novella. Same with Unexpected.

Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, and Unavoidable follow the children’s fates of Bludi. They work better as a group than on their own, but still can hold up to a standalone consideration.

If you have any interest in any of the stories within this world, you can find them as both paperback and ebook at various online retailers.

Openings: [Unwanted] [Unexpected] [Undeniable] [Unbreakable] [Unbelievable] [Unavoidable]

Unwanted:: Half elves cannot be considered cream of the crop among elves. A good job makes a half-elf lucky. As for something like marriage, a half-elf might manage that if he has a name worth a dime. Bludi Illiene has such a name. Yet, he lacks a wife and a good job. That is because his ‘family’ deems him unwanted. The only one who considers him worth his real name is his mother, and she cannot keep him for fear of potential backlash. Many half elves blame their non-elven parentage. Bludi finds no reason to. He should have been his mother’s husband’s son. So more than anything, he is deemed poor because of his mother’s lack of a ring at the time. Oh and the fact she is not just some normal everyday elf. She is the most powerful elf in the entire kingdom: Queen Alaenia. And Bludi may be one of the few who can reach her without a court order. At least, he hopes. The one goal he puts forth on his newly adult self is ‘See Mother’. Amazon (print) Amazon (ebook)   Barnes and Noble  Smashwords
Unexpected:: As the half elf prince, Bludi gains a lot of respect from his mother, his step father, his wife, and the kingdom. He is strong magically and physically. Most of all, he is determined to show those in his family who hate him for being a half that he is not the worthless creature they see him as. Bludi is strong enough to keep the kingdom under control.The fact his mother, Queen Alaenia, disappears leaving him the only possible choice as ruler does not mean he wants to be king. Actually, he knows what it would mean to the nation if he became king. He wants no part of it. He only wants to keep things together until she returns.Life as a prince in Leagende is never a dull moment. Amazon (ebook)  Amazon (print)  Barnes and Noble  Smashwords
Undeniable:: The reason behind Crown Princess Castella becoming queen is listed in the history books without being listed. Castella wants to become queen, but not for a normal reason. Leaving the castle will only get her punished. Using her magic will get the populace terrified of her. Blond hair and blue eyes is scary enough for the crown. Castella luckily is a pretty good copy of her grandmother, Queen Alaenia in personality and action. During a random day training to be queen, Castella notices a new court mage. Distracted by him, Castella ends up captured. The capture gives her a lot of knowledge about the new guy. He starts her heart pounding, so over the weeks as they reach Adain’s naming day, Castella begins a secret friendship with someone she cannot have as crown princess. Being the new court mage is a half elf, and not half elf human like her father is. This only leads to big decisions Castella probably isn’t ready for. Amazon (print)  Amazon (ebook)  Barnes and Noble   Smashwords
Unbreakable:: Adain, or King Zeus as the masses call him now, forced everything to work for him. It took a lot of planning and help from his family to claim the new title. His goal to prove it was not the wrong choice: unify all the elven kingdoms, remove the humans from elf land, and get the demons to flee. No these goals aren’t too lofty. Not at all for the quarter human elf. The real struggle he sees before him is finding a wife, getting an heir, keeping his sister from reproducing with her half demon husband, and making sure his other little sister doesn’t make the same stupid mistakes as the rest of them. Amazon (print/ebook) Barnes and Noble  Smashwords
Unbelievable:: King Zeus’s goals are coming along nicely. Germania is back under Leagende control. Zeus was not expecting so many humans to stay. His uncle handles the job of governor well enough. Compast is basically all demons. The Compast Queen is unfindable, but the crown prince is readily available to guide. Dereksean is still under control of his aunt. The cease fire with Dereksean will deny them from creating a problem until the other countries are handled. Cardenil is focusing on its war with Francie. Once Zeus has time of day, he will go in and offer his terms. Everything looks perfect on that front. In his personal life, Zeus is more than a little overwhelmed by his child queen acting as a proper queen more than he feels the proper king. His father seems to handle the duties of king so much better too. Plus his sister and brother are on the war front ready to handle the demons. Zeus knows he needs to be there. Demons are not the ones who wait patiently. What a way to spend his twentieth year. Amazon (print/ebook)  Barnes and Noble  Smashwords
Unavoidable:: The fact Zeus’s desires to take over the old Leagende has not blown up in anyone’s face is surprising. Madeline keeps a close eye on everything dealing with the newly expanded country. It seems as if Zeus manages an even closer watch. This watch has created exhaustion. It has also created more concern. The time has come to take over Cardenil. They need Leagende’s support. Madeline worries that the taste offered during this time will make Zeus wish to go over the mountains or water, but he has also promised ‘just old Leagende’. He does not goal to be the second coming or the most powerful king in Leagende’s history. His goal is so much brighter, kinder, and fulfilling. King Zeus wants equality. Equality for his father, his siblings, and his wife. Queen Madeline is a half demon; her blue eyes make that clear. Zeus wants equality for others like her to be safe walking around. He seeks it because he still gains distrust and disregard by many. How could you not believe in him as a ruler? Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  Amazon (ebook)  Amazon (paperback)
Leagende Bonus (paperback only):: Amazon
Leagende Series (ebook only):: Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble
(Yes, Amazon is being weird. If it consolidates, I’ll fix it.)

This series is complete. The world has more books, but the series becomes Leagende Reevaluated since the time lapse is too great to just continue this series name. Unwise (Book 1 of Leagende Reevaluated) is more than twenty years after Unavoidable. It’s a different world by then, even if some of the characters survive.

If you are interested in buying a PDF of any of the Leagende series:

Leagende PDF of the Paperback

Pick your favorite paperback to acquire a PDF of it. Can take upwards of two days for response.

5.00 $

You can also read a few of my stories in my blog side of the website: The Hair Incident (Bludi as a student) and Zusammen (This takes place after the series ends; in German).

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Openings: [Unwanted Opening] [Unexpected Opening] [Undeniable Opening] [Unbreakable Opening] [Unbelievable Opening] [Unavoidable Opening]

Quotes from Leagende:

Current Status:

  1. Looking at creating new covers that match for the entire series (If you have suggestions, I’m open to them.)
  2. Edit Unwise for Leagende Reevaluated (This is put on hold for the time being.)
  3. Write the rest of Leagende Reevaluated (This is put on hold for the time being.)

Any questions about the series, ask.
I love Leagende. Just because the series is complete doesn’t mean it’s gone from my heart.

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