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Like any good romantic fantasy writer, I have an entire series with werewolves. I’ve written over a million words and questioned: why am I not publishing this?

The stories are generally the true mating of the main character <a few of the shorts aren’t>. So far, only one short isn’t from the perspective of a werewolf. But every one of them qualifies for Urban Fantasy as a genre. These werewolves can lean into romance or horror.

First person is the best way to handle such a story. Occasionally, the main character will talk in terms of “we” meaning the wolf and I, that really wouldn’t be possible in anything besides first person. Both are a part of the soul and attached to the body. The written perspective is solely the human side of the werewolf.

I offer a disclaimer to begin each book in the series:

:: This book is for mature audiences. I do not shy away from sex, sexuality, fighting, or gruesomeness. If it fits in the story, it will be within the story. Each book (excluding several of the shorts) of this series is meant to be a full story surrounding the true mating of the main character.

It should stand alone, but also can be read as a group. Each book is written in the voice of the main character, which is why some almost ignore the romance and some do not focus on the actual action. ::

It’s important for me to point out this is not a book for teens even if several of the main characters are called teens. This book is written for an adult mind. That doesn’t mean I used vocabulary expected of an adult. That’s not the case. It comes in at elementary level on difficulty level when reading. That will cause most to have the ability to understand the text.

Enough about the series as a whole. Let’s make note of each one.

List of books by order

The first story from before modern can even be considered is posted here as a blog post The Secret of True Mates. Decoroso has given up everything for Rodolfo. Because being considered top beta, right hand of alpha, or even having kids means nothing if he has to give up on Rodolfo. Pack doesn’t matter. A family doesn’t matter. Because life can only be called perfect if Decoroso has his forever mate. Where can they go now though? Who would accept a pair of betas who aren’t ‘normal’?

Series:: Crazy Alphas

Dedicated: This series is dedicated to the only true mated pair I know, even if one died: Dorothy Bowers and William Bowers. She gave me the story background needed to prove true mates can exist.

the secret of pack 413
The Secret of Pack 413 cover

The Secret of Pack 413: 
Going into high school, Monique has one goal: get a boyfriend. That is until she hits a pack member with her locker door on the first day. The goal changes pretty fast to survive high school. Pack 413 is dangerous. They have a massive secret. Monique may be one of the smartest people in the school, but even she can’t explain why Pack 413 is so close knit. And it terrifies her to have so much to do with them.
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Quotes from The Secret of Pack 413:

the secret of preshift
The Secret of Preshift cover

The Secret of Preshift: 
Growing up in the wolf pack, I always knew I’d be a luna like my mother. Where I would be luna is unknown as I enter my preshift. No one is looking at me as a possible mate which concerns me because newly shifted female wolves must be marked. Rogue rapes and claiming is too well known to do anything else. That doesn’t mean I want to get married before I shift. I’m not even a proper wolf yet! What’re they hiding me from? What information do they deny me? What can’t I know?
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The secret of luna
The Secret of Luna cover

The Secret of Luna: (Coming Soon)
Beth Loverly watched Alpha kill her father. She watches her mother die because of Alpha. How can she help pack? She can’t. Not as she is. Not as an unshifted, as a child. The only hope would be to take her sister, Melissa, Luna Successor of Scots Plain to a safe haven. If Green Ridge can protect Melissa, Scots Plain’s future is safe. Now how can Beth help fix the present? Is it even possible?

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Modern Werewolves Ebook

This is for a PDF file of one of the paperbacks. I will contact you by email within two days. You can chose either The Secret of Pack 413 or The Secret of Preshift.

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Current Status:

  1. Rewrite The Secret of Luna (again)
  2. Write The Secret of Search
  3. Edit Alpha Protector
  4. Rewrite Alpha Successor
  5. Try to get Cyro writing within the series. (They have a story started and fleshed out but unwritten.)
  6. Find the funds to get proper covers for all of them. Proper cover ideas for the type of story and genre for the first three are done. Just need someone who can draw. Which isn’t me.

Any ideas, suggestions, or questions let me know.
Interested in beta reading? Let me know.

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