Let’s be hopeful and create a page for this. If I manage more than 20 (or Cyro and I combined reach more than 20), it will be turned into a book. 20 of the 31 shorts will be required. Especially given they’ve been so short.

October 1: Monster
[Cat: Successful Night] [Cyro: Surprise Salsa Monster]

October 2: Orchard
[Cat: Favorite Pastime]

October 3: Starlight
[Cat: Poem: Starlight] [Cyro: Poem: Starlight]

October 4: Coffin
[Cat: Fake Grave]

October 5: Cider
[Cat: Justin] [Cat: Poem: Hot Apple Cider] [Cyro: Poem: Cider]

October 6: Woods
[Cat: Poem: Proud Battler]

October 7: Spell
[Cat: Poem: A Spell]

October 8: Coffee
[Cat: The Perfect Gift] [Cyro: Poem: Coffee]

October 9: Harvest
[Cat: Cottage in the Woods]

October 10: Blood
[Cat: Old Enough]

October 11: Shiver
[Cat: The Map]

October 12: Scream
[Cat: Comeback Tour (late)]

October 13: Hollow
[Cat: How to Create a Jack-o-Lantern (late) (does not contain word)]

October 14: Witch
[Cat: Adam’s Failure]

October 15: Golden
[Cat: Golden Wolf ]

October 16: Spine
[Cat: Poem: Another Shiver]

October 18: Blanket
[Cat: Poem: Titanic]

October 19: Seance
[Cat: Never Call a Spirit]