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An archive of just Poetry on the blog.
If Cyro wrote it it will be tagged as Cyro. All the rest are Cat’s.


December: []

November: [Crashing Waves] [The Poem] [Apologies Are Given] [Fantasy] [What’s It Like?] [Will You?] [My Princess] [Pride Park, Our Home] [Alone] [Poetry] [Cyro’s Poem: The Feeling Pokemon Dance] [The End] [Birding] [Words of Romance]

October: [Candy] [Cyro’s Poem: Cat at the Door] [Don’t You Move] [Failed Love] [The Bonfire Rages] [Leaves Dancing] [Storm] [나비 (butterfly; Korean)] [Who] [Titanic] [Poem: SS: A Single Seed (#RueLouPrompts)] [Another Shiver] [13 Nights of Halloween (song)] [beautiful little girl] [The Writing Squall] [Cyro’s Poem: Coffee] [A Spell] [Proud Battler] [Cyro’s Poem: Cider] [Hot Apple Cider] [Handling Them] [Cyro’s Poem: Starlight] [Starlight]

September: [Truth] [Caring] [Scream into the Void, Child] [Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom] [I Did Not Write Today] [The Letter J] [Legendary Man Has Died]

August: [Demon Minion] [Questions] [I’m Sorry] [Good Bye Fish] [Happy Birthday GD] [Twitter Fairies] [Dance] [Cyro’s Poem: Grandma] [Blue Skies] [Mother Store] [Cyro’s Poem: Grandma’s Love] [One Picture] [The Heart] [Don’t Wanna Have a Meltdown]

July: [Dragons] [Classification of Dragons] [Seeking Dragons] [Singing Princess] [Cyro’s Poem: I want] [I Love Dragons] [Being Genderfluid] [Dragon Birth] [Dragon] [Dragon Heart] [Dragon Ages] [Lil’ Ragnaros] [Cyro’s poem: Summer breeze] [Dragon Warrior] [Dragon Questions] [Dragon Tale] [Dragon Haiku] [Silver Dragon] [To Charles, Who Used To Be King By Jacob Verde] [Dragons For Dragon Rider] [Attack of the Fire Breathing House Cat] [Cyro’s Poem: The Mocking Dragon] [Captured by the Dragon] [Dragon Savior] [Just a Human] [Pretend the Dragon] [Flower]

June: [The Last Winter’s Storm] [The Month was a Riot] [Only One] [Rare Event] [Invisible Person] [The Visit] [Darkness] [The Rose] [Grandmama] [I’m Just Not Interested] [Hair Dresser] [Good Morning Kisses]

May: [Poem and comments: Good Boy by GDXTaeyang (PADM:2020)] [That Mountain] [Cyro’s Poem: Boy From Brick] [Number 1 by Bigbang (PADM:2020)] [Cyro’s Poem: Moonlight Drive by The Doors (PADM:2020)] [As If It’s Your Last by Blackpink (PADM:2020)] [Can I Offer You a Cup?] [This Love by GDragon (PADM:2020)] [Let the Storm Break] [We are the Champions by Queen (PADM:2020)] [Everywhere I turn] [Enej – Kamień z napisem LOVE (PADM:2020)] [A Boy by Gdragon (PADM:2020)] [Error 404] [Bad Boy by Bigbang (PADM:2020)] [This] [Really by Blackpink (PADM:2020)] [Black by Gdragon feat. Jennie (PADM:2020)] [Let It Go by Frozen (PADM:2020)] [Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet (PADM:2020)] [Last] [Bang, Bang, Bang by Bigbang (PADM:2020)] [Cyro’s Poem: Heartbreaker by GD (PADM:2020)] [Baby Hit Me One More Time by Britney Spears (PADM:2020)]

April: [Dream] [I Climbed the Tallest Tree] [Please Need Me] [Rainbow] [Don’t] [Blinking Cursor] [Beauty is a Weary Desire] [Seizures] [Cyro’s poem: Cat or car?] [Bubbles] [Cyro’s poem: Tamagotchi]

March: [Cake] [Trying Time] [Puzzle] [Can I Have One?] [Final Draft] [Little White Dress] [Worry Stone] [Covid-19] [Cyro Poem: Dragons] [Mishaps in Life] [I am the Star] [Adulthood] [Prince] [I Can’t] [Shattered]

Febuary: [Cyro Poem: Fairy Training] [Fingers Out of the Mouth] [Treant] [Spectral, Ocean, Glasses] [Oxymoron #3] [Oxymoron #2] [Oxymoron #1] [Meadow] [Cyro Poem: love] [Tundra] [Forest] [Ocean]

January: [Zero] [There is a Simple Answer] [Not Enough Water] [Cyro’s Poem: The year of the cat] [Black] [Pretty Kitty] [Cyro’s Poem: Sleeping Princess] [I Love You] [Glittering Brass] [Stand Tall] [Cyro’s Poem: Finding My Pack] [It is a Beautiful Day]


December: [Poem: Birding] [Poem: My Loves] [Poems: Emotion Called Love] [Poem: Trust] [Poem: Two Different Colored Shoes] [Poem: Being Split on Relationships] [Poem: The Sweetest Rose] [Poem: Her Garden of Life] [Poem: Blinking Cursor]

November: [Poem: The Mirror Lies] [Poem: Falling into a False Reality] [Poem: Tomorrow] [Poem: Dragons (For Dragon Rider 6th Grade)] [Poem: The Memory] [Poem: UnNamed] [Poem: You Are…] [Poem: Welcome]

October: [Poem: Try to Praise the Dishwasher] [Poem: Dishes] [Poem: Broken Hearted] [Poem: Dad’s Day] [Poem: Gotten Good at Goodbye] [Poem: I am Tired] [Poem: Sweet Little Lie]

September: [Poem: Strong Enough] [Poem: Mother, the dedication] [Poem: Cat] [Poem: Thanks of a Cat] [Poem: Butterfly and Flower] [Cyro’s Poem: Poem and For Mom] [Poem: The Package] [Poem: A Gift] [Poem: Retirement]

August: [Poem: Equality] [Poem: Have You Ever Seen a Half Elf?] [Poem: I Never Knew My Father by Bludi Illiene] [Poem: Leagende]

July: [Poem: My Beloved] [Poem: Silver Dragon] [Poem: Ice Castle] [Poem: I Didn’t Cry] [Poem: Anywhere (for Cyro)] [Poem: The Presentation] [Poem: Michael, My Angel] [Poem: Lokin] [Poem: Loss] [Poem: Cyro]

June: [Poem: Lake of Glass] [Poem: I Don’t Know] [Poem:: My Most Prized Possession: A Memory] [Poem: What is Life] [Poem: What Are Mommys Made of?] [Poem: What Are Daddys Made of?]

May: [Poem: Of the Coming of the Moon] [Poem: Shadow Book] [Poem: The Cheesecake isn’t Worth It] [Poem: Mother?] [Poem: The Mask] [Poem: Non-Challenging Challenger] [Poem: Nothing Left]

April: [Poem: The Stream of Love] [Poem: Desert Turtle] [Poem: Drowning] [Poem: F’in’ A] [Poem: Missing You] [Poem: Freedom] [Poem: Come, Doggy, Come] [Poem: Jagged Glass]

March: [Poem: Color Me] [Poem: Dance] [Poem: Snowman Keith] [Poem: Regret?] [Poem: Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese]

February: [Poem: The Months] [Poem: Mein Lang Tag (German)] [Poem: Running on Fumes] [Poem: Love] [Poem: Please?] [Poem: Let’s Not] [Poem: The Cheesecake isn’t Worth It] [Poem: Graduate] [Poem: Tree of Knowledge]

January: [Poem: How dare it rain!] [Poem: It is Raining in My Closet] [The Myth of Krojanty’s Charge; Poem] [Poem: I did not write today] [Poem: Mishaps in Life] [Poem: Mishaps in Life] [Poem: When I Hold the Door] [Poem: The Visit] [Poetry: Children] [Poetry: Blizzard]


December: [Poetry: Cheap] [Poetry: White Christmas]


No poems?


August: [Poem: Hope] [Poem: Trapped Behind the Window Pane] [Poem: What is Gender?] [Poem: At Rest]

All poems should be here. If anyone spots one that hasn’t made it please Contact Cat Hartliebe.