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An archive of just Poetry on the blog.
If Cyro wrote it it will be tagged as Cyro. All the rest are Cat’s.

Until the archive is complete, you can look at Archives(new) or Archives(old).
I have done a quick scan pulling the ones that are obviously poems. I did not decide on a way to mark my poems until late 2019, so everything before that point is up in the air yet.

I have scanned everything for this year, but only fully reviewed everything back until July 2020. Everything before those two points are chaos. Good luck.

This will be one of the last pages finished.


October: [Storm] [나비 (butterfly; Korean)] [Who] [Titanic] [Poem: SS: A Single Seed (#RueLouPrompts)] [Another Shiver] [13 Nights of Halloween (song)] [beautiful little girl] [The Writing Squall] [Cyro’s Poem: Coffee] [A Spell] [Proud Battler] [Cyro’s Poem: Cider] [Hot Apple Cider] [Handling Them] [Cyro’s Poem: Starlight] [Starlight]

September: [Truth] [Caring] [Scream into the Void, Child] [Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom] [I Did Not Write Today] [The Letter J] [Legendary Man Has Died]

August: [Demon Minion] [Questions] [I’m Sorry] [Good Bye Fish] [Happy Birthday GD] [Twitter Fairies] [Dance] [Cyro’s Poem: Grandma] [Blue Skies] [Mother Store] [Cyro’s Poem: Grandma’s Love] [One Picture] [The Heart] [Don’t Wanna Have a Meltdown]

July: [Dragons] [Classification of Dragons] [Seeking Dragons] [Singing Princess] [Cyro’s Poem: I want] [I Love Dragons] [Being Genderfluid] [Dragon Birth] [Dragon] [Dragon Heart] [Dragon Ages] [Lil’ Ragnaros] [Cyro’s poem: Summer breeze] [Dragon Warrior] [Dragon Questions] [Dragon Tale] [Dragon Haiku] [Silver Dragon] [To Charles, Who Used To Be King By Jacob Verde] [Dragons For Dragon Rider] [Attack of the Fire Breathing House Cat] [Cyro’s Poem: The Mocking Dragon] [Captured by the Dragon] [Dragon Savior] [Just a Human] [Pretend the Dragon] [Flower]

June: [The Last Winter’s Storm] [The Month was a Riot] [Only One] [Rare Event] [Invisible Person] [The Visit] [Darkness] [The Rose] [Grandmama] [I’m Just Not Interested] [Hair Dresser] [Good Morning Kisses]

May: [Poem and comments: Good Boy by GDXTaeyang (PADM:2020)] [That Mountain] [Cyro’s Poem: Boy From Brick] [Number 1 by Bigbang (PADM:2020)] [Cyro’s Poem: Moonlight Drive by The Doors (PADM:2020)] [As If It’s Your Last by Blackpink (PADM:2020)] [Can I Offer You a Cup?] [This Love by GDragon (PADM:2020)] [Let the Storm Break] [We are the Champions by Queen (PADM:2020)] [Everywhere I turn] [Enej – Kamień z napisem LOVE (PADM:2020)] [A Boy by Gdragon (PADM:2020)] [Error 404] [Bad Boy by Bigbang (PADM:2020)] [This] [Really by Blackpink (PADM:2020)] [Black by Gdragon feat. Jennie (PADM:2020)] [Let It Go by Frozen (PADM:2020)] [Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet (PADM:2020)] [Last] [Bang, Bang, Bang by Bigbang (PADM:2020)] [Cyro’s Poem: Heartbreaker by GD (PADM:2020)] [Baby Hit Me One More Time by Britney Spears (PADM:2020)]

April: [Dream] [I Climbed the Tallest Tree] [Please Need Me] [Rainbow] [Don’t] [Blinking Cursor] [Beauty is a Weary Desire] [Seizures] [Cyro’s poem: Cat or car?] [Bubbles] [Cyro’s poem: Tamagotchi]

March: [Cake] [Trying Time] [Puzzle] [Can I Have One?] [Final Draft] [Little White Dress] [Worry Stone] [Covid-19] [Cyro Poem: Dragons] [Mishaps in Life] [I am the Star] [Adulthood] [Prince] [I Can’t] [Shattered]

Febuary: [Cyro Poem: Fairy Training] [Fingers Out of the Mouth] [Treant] [Spectral, Ocean, Glasses] [Oxymoron #3] [Oxymoron #2] [Oxymoron #1] [Meadow] [Cyro Poem: love] [Tundra] [Forest] [Ocean]

January: [Zero] [There is a Simple Answer] [Not Enough Water] [Cyro’s Poem: The year of the cat] [Black] [Pretty Kitty] [Cyro’s Poem: Sleeping Princess] [I Love You] [Glittering Brass] [Stand Tall] [Cyro’s Poem: Finding My Pack] [It is a Beautiful Day]


December: [Poem: Birding] [Poem: My Loves] [Poems: Emotion Called Love] [Poem: Trust] [Poem: Two Different Colored Shoes] [Poem: Being Split on Relationships] [Poem: The Sweetest Rose] [Poem: Her Garden of Life] [Poem: Blinking Cursor]

November: [Poem: The Mirror Lies] [Poem: Falling into a False Reality] [Poem: Tomorrow] [Poem: Dragons (For Dragon Rider 6th Grade)] [Poem: The Memory] [Poem: UnNamed] [Poem: You Are…] [Poem: Welcome]

October: [Poem: Try to Praise the Dishwasher] [Poem: Dishes] [Poem: Broken Hearted] [Poem: Dad’s Day] [Poem: Gotten Good at Goodbye] [Poem: I am Tired] [Poem: Sweet Little Lie]

September: [Poem: Strong Enough] [Poem: Mother, the dedication] [Poem: Cat] [Poem: Thanks of a Cat] [Poem: Butterfly and Flower] [Cyro’s Poem: Poem and For Mom] [Poem: The Package] [Poem: A Gift] [Poem: Retirement]

August: [Poem: Equality] [Poem: Have You Ever Seen a Half Elf?] [Poem: I Never Knew My Father by Bludi Illiene] [Poem: Leagende]

July: [Poem: My Beloved] [Poem: Silver Dragon] [Poem: Ice Castle] [Poem: I Didn’t Cry] [Poem: Anywhere (for Cyro)] [Poem: The Presentation] [Poem: Michael, My Angel] [Poem: Lokin] [Poem: Loss] [Poem: Cyro]

June: [Poem: Lake of Glass] [Poem: I Don’t Know] [Poem:: My Most Prized Possession: A Memory] [Poem: What is Life] [Poem: What Are Mommys Made of?] [Poem: What Are Daddys Made of?]

May: [Poem: Of the Coming of the Moon] [Poem: Shadow Book] [Poem: The Cheesecake isn’t Worth It] [Poem: Mother?] [Poem: The Mask] [Poem: Non-Challenging Challenger] [Poem: Nothing Left]

April: [Poem: The Stream of Love] [Poem: Desert Turtle] [Poem: Drowning] [Poem: F’in’ A] [Poem: Missing You] [Poem: Freedom] [Poem: Come, Doggy, Come] [Poem: Jagged Glass]

March: [Poem: Color Me] [Poem: Dance] [Poem: Snowman Keith] [Poem: Regret?] [Poem: Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese]

February: [Poem: The Months] [Poem: Mein Lang Tag (German)] [Poem: Running on Fumes] [Poem: Love] [Poem: Please?] [Poem: Let’s Not] [Poem: The Cheesecake isn’t Worth It] [Poem: Graduate] [Poem: Tree of Knowledge]

January: [Poem: How dare it rain!] [Poem: It is Raining in My Closet] [The Myth of Krojanty’s Charge; Poem] [Poem: I did not write today] [Poem: Mishaps in Life] [Poem: Mishaps in Life] [Poem: When I Hold the Door] [Poem: The Visit] [Poetry: Children] [Poetry: Blizzard]


December: [Poetry: Cheap] [Poetry: White Christmas]


No poems?


August: [Poem: Hope] [Poem: Trapped Behind the Window Pane] [Poem: What is Gender?] [Poem: At Rest]

All poems should be here. If anyone spots one that hasn’t made it please Contact Cat Hartliebe.