Looking to buy something made by Cat Hartliebe?

Any Blog Post

Any blog post in a PDF sent to your email. Make sure to use a proper email address.

1.00 $

You can pick any blog post on the website. Check out Archives for all the options.

Ebook Copy

A PDF/mobi/etc copy of any book that’s strictly ebook only. (Excluding ebook collections such as Leagende Series.) The price points found for these ebooks are $2.99 and less.

2.50 $

The ebooks included are Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe, Missing Royals, Crown Princess, Cursed Items, The Spoon, Annabella and Ji, Beautiful, Dark Silence, Happy Puppy, and Fireworks.

Paperpack’s PDF

Gain a PDF file of any paperback currently in print by Cat Hartliebe.

5.00 $

Any book that is in print currently under Cat or Cyro Hartliebe’s name can be brought as a PDF file for $5.
The poem books especially turn out nicer as a paperback. But they are cheaper brought as an ebook elsewhere.

Signed Paperback

If you are looking for a signed paperback of any of our books, Cyro and Cat can send you a signed copy. Realize only Cyro and Cat will be signing the books in question.

25.00 $

Yes, Cyro signs their books.
As of right now, I don’t know what my global access looks like. USA is definitely fine because it’s in country. I should be fine with most places. If I cannot get the book to you, there will be a refund.

I have a Teespring store where I create merchandise: Cat Hartliebe and Hartliebe’s Shop. Cat Hartliebe has things like stickers of the book covers. Hartliebe’s shop has random things I put together.

Write me a Poem!

Make sure to use a proper email address, so we can communicate. Please note if this is a request for Cat or Cyro. Cyro may not agree. A refund will be made if that’s the case.

20.00 $

See one of the Poem Book pages for more about the poem.

Or just shower love on me by:

Buy the Author a Cup of Coffee

5.00 $


Buy access to Cat Hartliebe’s premium content

And support the author and website every month.

Any questions, comments, or concerns leave me an email or comment below.

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