See [All the Books] to buy the books online.

[One Time Paypal donation to Cat Hartliebe]

I call this level Coffee:
[Reoccurring $5 Paypal to Cat Hartliebe]

I call this level Dinner:
[Reoccurring $20 Paypal to Cat Hartliebe]

Currently you gain nothing for the subscriptions or the donation. If you would like to buy my services, reach out to me at or

I don’t mind selling a copy of any of my books personally.
I don’t mind offering beta/alpha reading services.
I don’t mind offering formatting services, cover art creation, explanations of how to use KDP, etc.
I’ll probably do it for free though. If you want to pay me, buy through a online bookstore somewhere.

I listed the signed paperback at $25. If you are interested, leave me a message.

For $20, I can write up a poem for you. Just make a note about it when using the donation link. You’ll have the option to do whatever you want with the poem.

Any questions, leave me a message.

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