Troubled Royals

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The Troubled Royals paperback contains Missing Royals, Crown Princess, Cursed Items, and Annabella and Ji.

Troubled Royals (Paperback only):: Amazon

Missing Royals: Having no idea who her parents really are does not make taking the free money and positions easier. “Relatives” cared for the trio, but with hesitation. They only did it for the money, Autumn knew. That’s why she dragged her siblings away. Doesn’t take long for the teen to create a life for the trio with the help of a few friends. And then her parents decide it’s time to come clean with the country. Autumn, the independent baker, finally finds out who her parents are: the king and his newest wife. She was only a mistress at the time which made the children hide so. Now Autumn has to become what the kingdom needs: Crown Princess. And hopefully she won’t die like all her half siblings have. Amazon  Smashwords  Barnes and Noble
Crown Princess: The king wanted a boy and just couldn’t get one. His daughter, beloved as she was, just was not enough. He leaves the country and soon after a fool for a man comes to torment the princess. Can she ever be free of the insanity males bring her? Smashwords  Barnes and Noble Amazon
Cursed Items: Wearing a cursed item is not the difficult part. Normally, it is beautiful and has that aura of magic. The hard part is when you cannot take it off, and it changes you so completely no one even knows who you are. Looking for a way to change back, I find two others in the same trouble as me. Gaining a debt to return to our old looks does not reverse time. How can we gain our old lives back? Is it even possible? Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  Amazon
Annabella and Ji: The princess and the dragon. A well known and well loved story. Princess trapped in the tower, protected by the dragon, and saved by a prince. This is not that story. Not in the least. Princess Annabella would put herself in the tower to see the stars. Ji does protect her, including from weird suitors. There will be no one saving her from this dragon.
More the dragon has other things he’s up to. He wants to change the ways the country runs. Even though the laws say he gets the kingdom and the eldest princess as his queen, it seems he’s not exactly looking for that. Will Ji Long gain his desires? Or will a knight get him in the end? Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  Amazon

More prince and princess fantasy/fairy tale shorts will be created. Actually, I have several in draft form. When they get published, they will appear on Fantasy Short Stories. There may be a Troubled Royals 2 in the future. Who knows?

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For more information on the dragon myth found within Annabella and Ji: [Dragon Myth]

Comment if you have any questions.

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