WIP: Genie Wishes

(Under Construction)

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This is already novel length. Each story is between 5 and 10k words. It’s set in a fantasy world where there are demons and genies. A demon has a set amount of mana to use however they wish (with proper time and planning). A genie can answer other people’s wishes (not their own) as long as they pay the cost.

This is a first draft. It is not finished.

Genres: Fantasy; Adventure; Romance; Queer;
The stories are more series of shorts, but there is a clear main plot for the collection that is not finished.

Story posts: [New Story!! SS: Genie’s First Wish] [SS: Genie’s Second Wish] [SS: Genie’s Third Wish] [SS: Genie’s Fourth Wish] [SS: Genie’s Fifth Wish] [SS: Genie’s Sixth Wish] [SS: Genie’s Seventh Wish] [SS: Genie’s Eighth Wish] [SS: Genie’s Ninth Wish]

Blog Posts: [Plots and Series]

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