Witches and Demons Series

There is only one book in this series as of right now: Tsuba Ren.

That’s not to say this series doesn’t have more books in it.

I have Low Level Demons drafted at about nearly 100k words. Head of Hart has already gone through its rewriting phase. Love or Die is a multiple ending book. I have several ending written too, with a few extra drafted out.

There are blocks before I can get these published though. The one furthest along: Head of Hart: needs more than I can offer. It’s not my story to tell. Which is weird since I wrote it. It has a home in the series Witches and Demons as Witch 2, but I can’t publish it. Nor can Cyro. Maybe I’ll get big enough for someone to find me and take it off my hands.

Low Level Demons cannot be published before the rest. At least before several more books within the series is published. It also needs to be fully written. It should end up being about 350k words when fully done. It will be split into four or five books, though. Rewrites can’t happen until all the words are down though.

Love or Die is the next book I can try to finish. There are concerns, but I’ll manage them well enough. I even started the rewrite for one of the endings. But I don’t want to publish one until there is at least another ending to publish afterwards. It will end up with switch out which one is published at any given time. Which will be chaos. I like chaos.

Tsuba Ren is the only story completed and published in the series. Laurel Ren figures out who she is. She gains strength and knowledge in the book. Plus a hot demon boyfriend.

Part of it is a fun story to tell.
Part of it is me handling my sex repulsion because of rape issues. You’ll notice that is readily noticeable in the story. I mention this vaguely in my #metoo post.

I both love and hate Tsuba Ren. It’s a mix between hope and trauma.

Witches and Demons is supposed to show off the dark side of humanity. It dives into the darkness. It’s meant to. Tsuba Ren hits on rape.

Head of Hart attacks racism. That’s why I can’t fulfill the book’s promise. I can’t write that. I have the story down. The story’s nice and all. -But.- I can’t write the racism that should be undercurrent. It’s not my story to tell.

Low Level Demons is disrespect and disregard due to youth. Being youth doesn’t mean you are worthless or weak.

Love or Die attacks ageism on the other side. As well as concerns around loneliness.

This series will dance with the mental health field. Be wary before entering if you aren’t ready to face that.

Tsuba Ren: Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Smashwords

Tsuba Ren Quotes:

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Current Status:

  1. Rewrite Love or Die
  2. Create more stories for the series
  3. Write Low Level Demons
  4. Find someone to handle Head of Hart

Any questions, concerns, or comments: leave a comment.
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