Works in Progress (WIP)

If a book/story isn’t published, it will stay in this collection even if I chatter incessantly about it. [All my works in progress is an old post about how many stories I have wasting away.]

Blog posts about open stories: [Notes are Required] [Notes are Required 2] [Shorts WIP] [WIPs Over 200!]

Pages: [WIP: Religious Alpha] [WIP: Cyro’s Middling Adventure] [WIP: Genie Wishes] [WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper] [WIP: Lycacon]

Open Plots: [Pair to be Sacrificed] [Cursed Twin Royals] [Soccer Star] [Children of the month] [Glow Twice]
Open Worlds: [Cones versus Top Hats]
Open Characters: [Coffee Dragon] [Josh Berbank] [Nelegen]
Open Other: [Dragon Ball (Game/Sport)]

Ella/Elvis: [WIP: Ella/Elvis (I Did Make a Genderfluid MC)]

Dragon Blooded Series: [WIP Prompts: Dragon Blooded Series] [WIP: Dragon Bloods]

Dove: [Dove Update] [WIP: Dove]

Digifix: [Save the Trees!]

The New Merlin Series: [SS: Prologue/ interest short for The New Merlin (#octoprompt smoke)] [WIP: The New Merlin] [WIP: The New Merlin (Opening)]

The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories: [WIP: The Bet]

Skill Less and Other Fantasy Short Stories: [WIP: Skill Less]

Myth Shorts (NJWP): [WIP: Myth Shorts]

A Fire Born and Bred: [WIP: A Fire: Born and Bred] [WIP: A Fire: Born and Bred (Opening)]

Teen Test Train: [WIP Teen Test Train] [Notes are Required: Teen Test Train]

Reworked Series: [WIP: Reworked Series]

Trigger: [Notes are Required: Trigger] [WIP: Trigger / Daisy “Trigger” Lee posts] [Daisy “Trigger” Lee (WIP: Trigger)] [Asexual (WIP: Trigger)]

Organization: [WIP: Organization] [Notes are Required: Organization] [Mission Four] [First to Second Draft] [What Fun!]

If you are interested in any of the WIPs, message me: Contact Cat or Cyro Hartliebe